Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rocks, Clouds and Trees across the lake

A blanket of clouds covered the hill. They were carried down by the winds from the Pacific Ocean. Those clouds travelled so far collecting moisture from the vast sea and in-numerous islands. They settled down on a hill near to the vast lake. The euphoria of the trees on the hill didn’t allow them to think about going further. The clouds felt the reason for collecting that much amount of moisture was only meant for these trees. We can ask the wind to crawl us further away, possibly to the other side of the same island or over the vast ocean following on. “There are so many other clouds and that many other such hills, trees and people in the region; but we were destined for this particular mountain and those euphoric trees!” unanimously thought all those clouds and covered the hill under that mighty white blanket. The clouds in love with those euphoric trees reached every corner of the hill and talked with those trees. The trees in joy were combed by the accompanied wind. They danced in every possible way to express their gratitude towards the clouds and the wind for being with them after such a long spell of heat and humidity. Nature spread love in the atmosphere.

The inexpressive rocks looked unaffected in that atmosphere. A cloud thought why they are like that; so different from the trees. They are unmoved, just allowing the water to spread and pass through their surface. Our presence hardly bothered them. Even the bushes around them are so happy; they are trying to jump and see a glimpse of this nature’s song on the other side of that inexpressive rock. But these rocks are not giving us any sign to show what they are up to. What they are thinking? Why our presence or absence is nothing but just another evening for them. Look at the vast lake; it has become a mirror of us. Lilies in that lake appear laughing with joy. Folks in Multinlupa City are watching this beauty. Even look at that guy with some internal conflicts in a building at that distant extension of the lake; he has almost become a part of us. Everyone I can see is one way or another inspired except for these inexpressive rocks.

A rock knew what that cloud in particular has thought about him. That rock had thousands of pores within him and he had witnessed that many incarnations of that cloud. That rock has grown from a pebble to a big stone. Every time when the clouds came he got some new pores by virtue of the moisture they bought down to the hill. These new pores are sign which that inquisitive cloud was searching for. By the time this way of expression by rocks will come, clouds will die away. These clouds will never know how happy the masses of stone were when they arrived. The hardness of the rock never allowed him to hold those precious gifts from the cloud. But, those tiny pores within him allow seepage of the moisture through the depth of the stone. This goes un-noticed every time. When these clouds disappear and Sun comes overhead, a process of evaporation tries to take away all the moisture rocks have with them. That expansion of the pores does a painful weathering of stones. Rocks lose moisture and loose soil; days after the clouds came and disappeared after unconditionally giving away all the moisture they had.

Trees also know what some clouds feel over the inexpressive constraints of the stones. Hence, they pamper and flirt with clouds so that they forget the dilemma over their own presence. Trees have learnt this art over generations. Existence of rocks and clouds is for trees and other forms of life. One gives them water and other gives them nutrition. Hence they dance to give joy in return to rocks and clouds at this reunion. Trees have lived with rocks and learnt how to be strong and stable. The friendship with winds have taught them flexibility and expressiveness. Winds have whispered so many stories of mankind to them. Those rocks have listened as well. The appearance of clouds makes this a perfect reunion by nature. And this reunion is scheduled for every form of life in the ecology. This is the purpose which makes the clouds travel that far, only to disappear ultimately. Rocks have lived thousands of years to provide an enormous amount of fertile soil and stability. Generation by generations trees have served the purpose of life and livelihood for all sorts of life.

In this process, winds have been a connecting thread with everyone and they narrated a fable; how someone at some distance is experiencing elements of clouds, rocks and trees within himself through his internal conflicts. / Internal Conflicts

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