Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lilies of the Lake

The distant lake appeared like a landmass out of the density of the water which suddenly grew heavier in overcast. The continuous movement of high speed breeze at the wake up of a forecasted typhoon made an array of waves over the water surface. The continuous arrays created a dynamic equilibrium, waves stood still and the reflected saffron grey shade of the clouds in evening made the lake looked like a landmass of sand. This was a mirage or illusion indeed; reminded by the water lilies of the lake. A contradiction that sand and greenery can never be co-existent. One of them is an illusion which is just enumerated by a series of events. They are half realities and half illusions; exactly like the mind which was surrounded by mixed emotions, conflicts from many directions both from inside and outside. Through the maze of ambitions, duties, beauties, likes, dislikes, expectations, assumptions and a quest of happiness- it was all like a water lily in mirage sand.

Clouds which sat over a distant mountain appeared like a heap of cotton balls dumped over it, falling down to release and blanket it all over, giving all the moisture it has. The mountain clouds appear whispered through the winds which blew inside the ears. The pioneer winds in the wake of today’s forecasted typhoon have bought them till the beautiful mountains, where they got melted by its beauty to blanket it all with the moisture they have. Like a true lover, giving it all unconditionally. Like the Jupiter who admired Dharti’s view so much, it refused God for being another Sun, rather to keep gaze on it and protect it from celestial attacks. The clouds fell in a similar unconditional love with those mountain trees and rocks, and went ahead to give it all they had. Their affection was just unbothered by the inexpressive rocks over the mountain. The clouds however loved the smile of the trees who danced in tune of divine rhythm sung by them and accompanying winds.

The nearby saffron clouds grew darker. It appeared as if sky was falling in that distant stretch of the lake. The wind whispered a bit louder this time of approaching storm. The storm of conflicts confined inside a pretended smiling calm castle also grew louder. The gaze of lilies, water-sand, waves, clouds and the falling sky and rocks of mountains resembled different characters of mixed emotions.

The inexpressive rocks and the melted clouds in love, euphoric trees and the lilies caught in the mirage of either sand or water; collectively enumerated different aspects of human nature.

Living with conflicts, seeing mirages, creating illusions, living expressively, loving inexpressiveness, speculations, disappointments, surprises, ambitions, achievements, failures, tears of happiness and the laugh of a sad; it was all communicated through the lilies of lake. Internal Conflicts


  1. Jupiter had got enough hydrogen to start as a sun, when our solar system was developing. Might be Jupiter (humanized) loved Earth's beauty and realized being a mass of heat will destroy the anticipated livelihood of the cute planet. Also, he defined his objective to God that to divert all asteroids and comets approaching earth. The belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter would have been bombarded on us if Jupiter wasn't there. The 'Frisbee Phenomenon of Jupiter' by attracting and throwing asteroids away protects us. For Earth (humanized), might be Jupiter is just a dignified stranger or a failed star; but indeed Jupiter is a symbol of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

  2. Really this is very deep imagination. After reading this article I miss Chayawadi kavi Sumitranandan Pant and Mahadevi Varma and also William words. They wrote poem but I feel same poetic sense and beauty of nature in this yr article. Yes if u love and have emotion with nature then u can do similarity between life and Nature. And I saw this here.

    Vinita SUdhir


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