Thursday, February 05, 2009

Internal Conflicts

In that laugh, there was some sadness behind. Smile was lost and the laugh was hiding the incapable to go unnoticed feeling of some sadness. Internal conflicts; between good and bad, winning and loosing, complete and incomplete, rigidity and elasticity; all appeared together to make a paradox of laugh in a sad.

A sense of something missing, prevailed all over. Things in surrounding were fine but not perfect. Like someone calling from inside to mend, but not able to specify what. Internal Energy of emotions resulted in an emotional trauma. A handicap of indifference to life. Simultaneously, laugh also vanished. thinking forces striking from all directions, no protocol, only a directionless movement of thoughts, came and went continuously. Supernova of thoughts, emotions and memories made the brain go on for hibernation ( handicap of indifference ).

There appeared no end to internal conflicts. Like the parable of 'a frog' in boiling water; in due course of time, adoption to the change was scheduled to happen. Until the temperature reached the boiling point which indeed unbearable for the frog made him to die. (frog was in pot since the temperature of water was normal, the pot got on an oven, frog in pot adapted to change unless it went unbearable). If change is spontaneous it can not go unnoticed. But, if there are slow gradual change, it will pass unnoticed before it goes critical.

Gradually, the supernova of thoughts was commanding brain to go on indifferent to emotions mode. If that would have been happened, apparent internal conflicts could have gone underground. That is to a deeper level. Hibernated brain would have thought isn't there nothing happened at all?

Thankfully, an unconscious portion of brain got conscious...

(to be continued) internal conflicts

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