Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why We Want to be Heard?

Why we want to be heard about us? Why we want ourselves to be celebrated? Why? We have a tendency of seeking out people who are recognizing whatsoever we do; and then talk about it. Acknowledge it, appreciate it, like it, love it, and count on it. Why we want to reach a wide speaking audience to broadcast ourselves? 

The quest of being heard is related to happiness. Perhaps, it’s not a mere appreciation but a lust to feel important is the reason. We love ourselves almost more than anyone else and hence we feel good when everyone else along with ourselves is talking about the respective ‘am’ in us (Ah! Too many pronouns). Being important is certainly an achievement with a tag of being ‘special’. The tag ‘special’ brings happiness and also certifies a feeling for being heard and talked about.

Importance is then quantified, the magnitude of importance leads to comparison in the crowd. The crowd which has got every other a speaking audience who himself wants to be heard about. The magnitude derives statistics of that comparative index. The comparison invokes arrays of human natures among the mob. Creativity comes first. Innovation, discovery, something new, something different, being first, being apart from the crowd, so that everyone recognize the difference and acknowledge it in return. The unique attribute which leads to the practices of being celebrated among the mob. People admire, cherish and sometimes get envy. Then they talk about it or don’t but oneself have to be heard about him.

In our contemporary world, social media over internet has cashed this phenomenon of human nature. One has got a platform where he can ask himself being heard and talked about. Social media has evolved into a market place where such noises are being barter traded. It provides a reach out space to get oneself heard from even untapped territories. (Quality of social media conversations and its influence on people’s productivity is beyond the scope of this post).

Once upon a time there was a librarian, who lived alone in his house in a stranger town. He used to call on random numbers on weekends and talked about anything with anyone. He used to create hypothetical scenarios to initiate discussions. He also used to call on classifieds to buy certain stuffs and bargain, but never bought anything. He even called same numbers with different voices of his own; only to talk. Only to talk, not only to hear what other people were speaking on other side, but he wanted to hear himself as well. Because throughout the week he was the one who use to speak nothing and didn’t allowed others to do the same in his territory of work. As it was his job’s responsibility. The silence contained within him throughout the week use to freeze him and hence he had a snowfall of some lovely funny conversations during weekends.

This librarian had a classic quest for being heard.

Also, some of us wanted to be heard because they have an urge to prove something within the social ecosystem. Generically, something from the one’s past has to be mended or corrected (Again beyond scope stuff.)

Reason for this blog post is the consequences for the quest of being heard. If the quest is celebrated and one is heard, that’s success! What if, otherwise? Is that a failure? Sometimes such otherwise events lead to an emotional trauma of feeling insignificant. The exact reason of this trauma is the obsession or influence of one particular medium; which caters the solution for the quest of someone’s being heard.

In our contemporary world social media is that prominent platform. This sometimes goes too complex. This complex problem has a simpler solution which lies within one; an outside recognition doesn’t certify the unique attributes of an individual. The individual himself has to acknowledge his ‘special’ tag first. Actually the mention of one’s name in the noise of social eco-system hasn’t got that significance which is perceived. Last but not the least, where there are no expectations, any small thing is a wonder.

Just some Virtual, Real and Ideal Thoughts

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