Friday, June 25, 2010

For My Parents

For My Parents

Even on phone I can see tears of happiness, which is evident in Mummy’s voice. She all the time felt sad whenever one reason or another not allowed me to visit my home town. But mom never let me know what she felts and encourages me to focus on my work. I always feel being pampered, miles apart on the phone call. We talk about so many things, family matters, how I am doing, my future plans, climate and precautions on its change, stories from mythology on random references, etc. Papa, we always do technical discussions like how to save Income Tax under section 80C & 80D, what are my plans pursuing MBA? Scope of 1 year programs after getting more experience, etc; but there is always a hidden message of missing and loving me.

I miss my parents too. Twinkle in mummy’s eyes when she saw me so happy after we bought that Red Jacket in a garment shop. That was my favorite apparel then. My graduation days, every time Mummy came to railway station for ‘see off’, on my train to Kolkata. With the train accelerating away from the platform, me watching through the window, followed by standing at coach’s entrance saw mummy standing there and waving me. In between pallu of her saree gets directed to her eyes by her left hand. I can see mummy standing there till the platform is visible to me. And She remains there till the last coach of train is visible to her. This happens always. Indeed, A very loving moment. This is real love, immortal. I wish if I had more days of vacation in those semester breaks. Mamma’s love is evident in those hands knitted sweaters, or that woolen cap which covered my head and tied around my #ShinChan cheeks when I was 5. Love is knitted in those apparels, which she finished while teaching in school, watching TV and basking the Sun in winter days. That time our studies were monitored. I remember I pretended but not studied, caught and then taught by Mom herself. And I studied Mathematics from Papa, subject to his availability. Surely that’s a legacy I have. I had marathon mathematics days whenever Papa got time to be at home. Still remember in class X, We together cracked one such haunted problem of quadratic equations once. Certainly, teamwork began from home.

Papa seldom plays cricket. He was a volleyball player in his time. One day it was a big surprise to me when I discovered Papa is a left hand batsman. Mummy and Papa are very good in storytelling. So many short stories with high value moral, really these stories are the legacy.

I am a proud Mamma’s boy! Thanks for your patience and serenity to accept that there are no more semester breaks in my job. Miss u mom! Miss u dad!

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