Sunday, May 09, 2010

I want my Mumbai to be Wonderful

Completely annoyed with the infrastructures of Mumbai, three years back when I moved to Mumbai for my first job after completing my graduation from Kolkata; I appreciated the flavor of this town. That was the time when I was discovering the novelty of this town. I took them sportingly, similar level of trauma that I am still experiencing while commuting from one place to other in this town. I was driven away by the spirit of Mumbaikar, who is brave enough to face all such challenges of daily life and always reaches his/her destination on time. Also, then I had the glimpse of coming future, with sea link in function, metro on the move and all such construction in WIP will be accomplished asap. Then, this place will be a wonderful place to live. I wrote “A pilgrim through the roads of Mumbai”, appreciating my experiences while commuting through the town. Pilgrim, comes with a difficulty, that’s what it is.
But, I now have a question to all countrymen of a growing economy. Can’t we deserve better infrastructures? Why we have adopted us so well to the deficiency of something which is now I feel is a basic necessity of life and in fact our fundamental right. How long we will appreciate this? In fact, we have developed a misconception that Mumbai is developed and other cities in India are not at par with this development. This is the background reason behind; many people have migrated to this place in search of employment and settled here. It is bound to happen for a port city, throughout the world port cities have the extra advantage of a better growth rate.
But, Mumbai’s infrastructure is not complying with the growth it is witnessing in business. With lack of infrastructures, we may witness businesses moving away from this city. I see this as a lack of political will, which is catalyzing mushrooming of corruption. Construction work are delayed by one and another reason, major projects are not yet finalized, roads are uneven, pollution is on its extreme, and public transportation is not up to the mark. Why we compare Mumbai with other cities. Why not compare it with world level cities.
I want my Mumbai to be a better and safer place to live. Don’t you wish the same?

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