Monday, April 26, 2010

Long Time no Blog

I blog when I feel, not just to FILL spaces. Always I tried to refrain myself from using the word “I”. The circumstances of a hectic life didn’t allowed me to feel to that extent that ‘I’ blog down anything in past three months (110 days precisely). Some credit goes to Twitter also, for making my feelings confined to 140 characters. Actually, I love twitter for that; since it allowed posting my one line emotions on web, which couldn’t have been blogged. When I see my twistory, I get a log of what, when and how I was thinking.
In the course of 4 years of my blogging past, I got explored my feelings through some contemporary current issues and some beautiful emotions of wonderful memories. With materialism going higher, the beauty of those emotions took a back stage. I am a strong supporter of individualism; my blog so far has reflected it in one or another way. This individualism however doesn’t support any grey thoughts of Egoism. It is just an identity, an anonymous yet some individual.
Individualism is better defined as unique set of attributes for an entity.
Well, blogging is an attribute of my individualism; it went on an idle mode tough in past 110 days. This blog is more of an excuse or reasoning or set facts I am presenting to myself. But, reason for sharing this internal communication on is only because I feel it to be there.
Well, it was not a scenario that I wasn’t feeling anything in past few days or I didn’t had any better topic to blog down. In fact a co-ordination of feeling and blogging it down was not there. For anything else within 140 characters, Twitter was there to be shared.
There had been lot of happenings with me in past three months. Different roles and responsibilities, different cuisines, meeting people and visiting places and many more things I did and experienced in the recent past. My job seeked more of me to be focused there, and most of my experiences in my job fall under the IP norms and hence they cannot be shared on this blog. I love my job.
My feelings became my expressiveness on my personal relations front. Everyone is right in their own perspectives and it is a part of life, and everyone has to live with it. So called ‘duniyadari’ in Indian language, I gave a damn to it and continued so far with me and my individualism. (Did I sound stubborn., who cares!)
I had a thoughtful instance when a shoe polish guy replaced old lace of my shoes with a new one; he made a beautiful macramé craft of the old lace. I dug out into my memories of my Shantiniketan visit in a cluster development program, where we visited to improve working conditions of artisans involved in Solapith and macramé crafts. Cheers for my buddies, who were with me in the Fakibaaz group.
My blogs generally get some sort of hyperlinks like this, with instances of some beautiful memories. This thought process can not be concluded in this blog. It is a perpetual active attribute of me.
I felt I wrote., that’s it as of now / Editorial

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