Monday, October 19, 2009

What if God was one of us?

For Rachelle

What if, God is someone who is 'One of Us'? He’s perhaps just someone anonymous, with a simple identity and a common face. He is neither a superhuman nor a magician, neither charming nor a dumb. He is neither sensitive nor emotionless. He is just someone. He is one of us. What if he has really got no difference, one can not recognize him as the apex. He has also got a vocation like us, he who also wakes up everyday and retires every night after a tiring day. He had been just one of us, meeting us daily or occasionally and moved along...

God, living with a common name and a common face, must have smiled when we have walked down the streets of a town and had an eye contact with him in a flash. He must have read the silly things we have done in life, something bad knowingly and unknowingly, also knew if any random act of kindness* done by us someday; and he must have blessed us with a smile as an acknowledgement to us for being ‘the entity of our own attributes’. Perhaps, he would have been a cab driver when we returned home after a busy day. Unbothered by his presence, spoke nothing with him and lost all alone in wandering thoughts, which included something(s) and someone(s) of an individualist’s life. After returning the change amount, he must have blessed, “Good Night”

He must have been a helping hand to a kid, who fell on street from bicycle or skates, or he just sold stuffs in a department store. He who is the father of the whole world must have got parents of his own.

He must have felt bad when someone close to him suffered the game of destiny. Then he thought of giving a fair chance with better times ahead. He must have wept on the issues of terrorism. God must have been influenced to panelized sinners. God once dressed like a disabled but with a divine smile on face, must have given a demoralized to stand tall and face the world with honor and pride**.

He never helped anyone moving mountains of difficulties in one’s life; rather he gave strength to climb over it. He must have been moving all along, must have served a refreshing cup of tea somewhere in between, when the pilgrim of climbing difficulties designed by destiny had been in progress. ***

God is someone one of us and always with us! memories

References in this Blog:-

Title: “What if God was one of us?” is a song 'One of Us' sung by Joan Osbrowne.

* Act of Random Kindness (ARK)–An unconditional help/kindness to someone unknown. Taken from movie “Evan Almighty”

** Inspired by Gandhiji’s Talisman, from NCERT textbooks.

*** “Lord Don’t move that mountain, give me enough strength to climb it” – a prayer song from movie The Pursuit of Happyness


  1. Rachelle sung this song in Karaoke. I just loved this cute little simple song. As I feel honored appreciating good things I come across, I decided to share this on I strongly feel about the beauty of this topic. Even if this fantasy is true, it’s not required to hunt, who the god is. I recommend just feeling the blessings and messages from him, would suffice him being ‘One of Us’

    Rachelle thanks for introducing me to this lively song and a wonderful friendship to celebrate through this Blog.

  2. Santosh Pillai2:42 AM

    I feel God is one around me who enthralls by his presence always pushing you ahead in bad times and motivating when you need it most

  3. Anonymous2:14 PM

    'act of kindness' , 'game of destiny' and 'fair chance' are really thought provoking. In a manner we all represent some or other form of God. Good work man..outstanding post.


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