Thursday, October 08, 2009

Initial Yards: Joy of Disbelief

After so many cuts and injuries, once we thought riding cycle is impossible, and then we saw others riding it; re-collected all emotions and strengths, struggled with determination, learnt from mistakes, adopted a better approach, understood hidden tricks, and then one day the balance on two wheels was established and I shouted, “I am riding cycle on my own.”

The nervous joy of disbelief on attaining a cherished dream was evident in our initial yards of solely self balanced ride of cycle. Trembling feet, shaking hands, widen eyes, strained forehead temples, faster heart beats and some sensation in solar plexus; that unforgettable joy of childhood, got recovered from my memories in another similar instance below.

Earlier this year; relation between MITTRA (a Movex table) and OPS270MI (a Movex API) was a mystery to me. I struggled too much, but I was not able to have the right configuration to attain stock transactions update in MITTRA for the strings pushed to Movex through OPS270MI. I, My Team Lead and our Big Boss were concerned about it, to strike the right chord to make it happen. But, it was not happening at all. It was a challenge for us, as we knew it happens in other environments and we had to discover what had been the key to make that function happen in our environment. Just like the cycle; we had knowledge that two wheeled cycle doesn’t falls either way if the person knows how to ride it. All we didn’t knew how to balance the cycle.

Then I went through a phase of in-numerous cuts and injuries. Had a thorough browse of companion tool on every associated fields and functionalities in relation with OPS270MI. We had meetings to know about the alternates of OPS270MI. In the span of successive failures of every new strategy to solve it, I felt myself understanding the soul of the API and Movex. I started understanding, how it functions in Movex, which tables it influences, the internal programs which are called and how it is expected to behave once MITTRA is updated. All I slogged was how to update MITTRA.

Now we were all set to contact technical team for SOS. We got a belief that this bicycle had a problem, MITTRA will be updated only whatsoever puncture in it is spotted and corrected by technical consultant. Now my work was to make a detailed description of the problem area, highlight the issues, co-ordinate with technical consultant to make them understand the issue and solve the puncture. Our review meetings were centered on this issue all the time and now we were desperately seeking to outsource help in solving this.

One full day invested, in documenting the issues and concerns. Although all the time I discovered the soul of this functionality telling me, there is just something missing to make it happen. I was not happy to forward the issue to technical team. But, gradually the failures made me belief that it’s not profitable to run directionless, if there is really a technical fault in environment.

After enough of failed attempts of riding the bicycle; one evening I sat casually on the issue again. This time I used Tellus. I got some out of context details, followed by some new keywords which struck my mind. It was another dive in a new set of knowledge. I followed the flow of thoughts and information which were driving me. I said to myself, “I can see it!” Suddenly, DJ called me for a review meet. I dared and said, “As I can see it happening, give me 30 minutes. Might be we will have our issue solved”. With just introduced with new strangers named ‘Partner’ and ‘Internal Messages’ for ‘warehouse integration’; I discovered a whole set of new functionality which was vital to support the MITTRA update. Those were my initial yards of self balanced bicycle. I was riding in a belief of disbelief. As I can see it but feared I may fall again. But eventually few more steps of configurations, another test transaction, pressed the return key on keyboard and MITTRA was updated.

I ran to my Boss, after 10 to 15 minutes of his call, I felt some Archimedes in me, ‘EUREKA’ I said in my words, behaved fully childish, full of joy in that belief of disbelief. Something which haunted me for such a long time was cracked and I was proud of not getting any external help for that issue anymore.


  1. I was the witness of sweet end of this movie!!!
    Review meeting between me,Dj,JA was in progress, suddenly Rajeev came;his face was like an innocent baby after getting lots of chocolates at a time.
    He was not getting words to express his achievment; but his eyes,body language everything was more than enough to express the Victory on the biggest obstacle in his success.
    Unexpectedly Dj started laughing in synchro with Rajeev & that moment gave a kick start to Integration master Rajeev!!!!!!

  2. Recently I felt, someone else has started living in me. I was not me which I used to be. I picked up my dear diary and started going through my diary entries made this year. I came to the day of this date, when OPS270MI – MITTRA issue was solved. That was a prolonged effort. Those days I only thought about MITTRA and the API. And one day it was solved. The last line in my diary was very touching, I said, “I felt as if I learnt how to ride bicycle. I had happiness of that intensity”. Professionally, now my encounters are into a deeper level of Movex, but that day is indeed very special to me.

    I tried not to go into those much technical details, and I hope I was successful into portraying those functionalities as a character of my unforgettable experience.

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  4. Discoveries come in a flash. But behind it a universe of knowledge gained worked to make that moment. The moment of eureka

  5. Santosh Pillai2:59 AM

    You have balanced your cycle well along with Movex

  6. Awesome. This feeling is something which we can't describe!!


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