Tuesday, June 30, 2009 is now 3

" Either write Something worth reading or do something worth writing"
Benjamin Franklin

3 years before; appeared on net. The span of three years have produced 34 blog posts. We are committed to enrich our readers' blog experience in coming years also. has produced many blogs which we have felt on diversified subjects spanning from Cricket, Hockey, Movies, TV Shows, Blast experience, pilgrims, urban transport, flight experience, love, unconditional love, travelogues, rain, clouds, nature, electronic media, Hindu mythology, music, poems, national integrity, book reviews, current affairs, etc. We will continue to produce readers' delight forever years and years onwards. is powered by the "feel phenomenon" to write on the subjects over which writer gets a strong insight or feel. Based on the day to day experiences, our blogs appeared with emotional touch after a span of 3 years are now diversified under different areas. And we are proud of that, there is no any such constraint for that; we can feel anything under the Sun and beyond. Summing it up all represents an autonomous autobiography which touches some portion of every others' life.

Happy Birthday / Editorial

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  1. What is a Blogger's Delight?

    Be it criticism, praise, some subject relevent sharing of thoughts or adding some missing points in the blog; they all give a delight to the blogger. It is a sense of achievement for a blogger to have, a Bournville moment indeed! A comment from you is an acknowledgement that the blog work was something worth reading and it was read as well as something was felt.\

    Its 's appeal on behalf of entire Blogger community to all internet users; if you are somehow benefited/entertained by Blogs, please do post a comment.

    You might have not realized before but your comments carries a significant value!


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