Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jupiter: Symbol of Unconditional Love

The untold fable of Jupiter

Perhaps Venus is a symbol of Love, no deny to it; but Jupiter is someone who made the existence of Solar system possible. It’s all due to his unconditional love towards earth. Love of Jupiter is all above the category of spouse, friend or a sibling. It is just a phenomenon of true love and inspiration to mankind. This true unconditional love made him to loose what it could have been just another mighty star of the galaxy, but he choose to be regarded only as someone anonymous.

Jupiter had got enough hydrogen to start as a sun, when our solar system was developing. Might be Jupiter (humanized) loved Earth's beauty and realized being a mass of heat will destroy the anticipated livelihood of the cutest planet. The green and blues of earth’s surface with a tint dusky browns, reflected by the shine of Sun; must have made him crazy. He went ahead all to see how life and eventually mankind was going to prosper on this planet. Contradictory, we took more romantic Venus as a symbol of love. The dignity of Jupiter is unbothered to it; because Jupiter carries vision and wisdom. Jupiter must have seen oceans of love and beauty of emotions will be prospering in the planet of life. He must have felt emotional when he was all set to be promoted as a star. Possibly, his emotions made mankind.

He defined his objective to God that to divert all asteroids and comets approaching earth. The belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter would have been bombarded on us if Jupiter wasn't there. The 'Frisbee Phenomenon of Jupiter' by attracting and throwing asteroids away protects us. For Earth (humanized), might be Jupiter is just a dignified stranger or a failed star; but indeed Jupiter is a symbol of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Jupiter is an inspiration to live and love without conditions! Jupiter followed his duties from ages and will continue for another age of ages, unconditionally for his beloved. When you feel intensely disappointed with emotions, just remember Jupiter. / Unconditional Love

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  1. Author's Note

    Jupiter (Brahaspati) is a sage in Hindu mythology, a mentor for Devtaas (regarded as Noble Men). Jupiter is worshiped as Guru for all mankind; he is full of wisdom, knowledge, insight, sacrifice and unconditional love. We owe our existence to Jupiter. Indeed I learnt unconditional love from him through a TV show on FOX History & Entertainment Channel explaining how the Frisbee Effect is effective on our existence. Under different mythologies Jupiter is respected because of its strength, wisdom, responsibility.


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