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Kotar Aur Kutir

Disclaimer: Recreation of original work by SiyaRam Sharan Gupta; famous hindi poet and writer

Kotar Aur Kutir is all about being true and dignified within oneself for his values and responsibilities. Kotar ( a hollow space in tree) and Kutir ( a Hut) are different phases of the same moral of being true to oneself for values and responsibility.

Into the Kotar of a banyan tree, lived a chatak bird family of father and son. They starved in the month of Jeth ( month for extreme summer in Indian Calendar, phase of May-June summer time in Indian Subcontinent). Chatak is a hypothetical sacred mythological breed of bird, which doesn't drinks water in Indian Summers as he awaits rain droplets of 'Swati Nakshatra' ( i.e. moment when first droplets of rain falls) to satisfy his thirst. Chatak community doesn't compromise to drink stale water of ponds in their region. According to legends and believes; this bird community has responsibility of bringing rain down to the region where they lives. As they starve out in extreme Indian heat and continuously pray God for rain to appear.

The younger generation of Chatak community was argumentative. Driven by logic, the chatak son broke out his silence and questioned why they were supposed to starve, when there was sufficient water available in the region. He questioned what would be the outcome of that, anyways rain will appear sometime whenever it will be the required climate change. Chatak son came with all possible logics to convince his father that they can drink the available water after doing required search for it and not starve in the unbearable summer by just sitting idle and praying rain god. As he noticed pattern of animals and birds going in one particular direction and return. But Chatak father remained uneffected and decided to starve till the rain will appear. As he stucked to his values, responsibility and believes and tried to convince his son for the same with his set of believes, customs and responsibilities.

Both sticked to their believes and logic. Ultimately, chatak son left out alone to drink available water. There was no water nearby, he searched for hours and found one pond, one dirty pond. It had very little water left, which was supporting life of animals in the jungle. Gradually he started thinking like his father, that after searching water a sight of dirty pond can give so much relief
how much would be that immense happiness if he will satisfy his thirst with swati nakshatra water droplets. Also a holy skeptism appeared, if he will violate his values ; perhaps rain may not appear this season. If he will not able to manage his starvation, it may lead to starvation of entire ecosystem in his region. Because of him, everyone may starve to death. Hence he returned his kotar still thirsty and joined his father. They continued the venture of bringing rain down to the region.

Similarly, in Kutir ( a Hut ) a labour also didn't sacrificed his values, in a time of immense poverty (era of before independence). The labour , starving with hungry stomach, got no work in morning to feed his family. But chased a motor car madly, so that he can give a wallet full of money to the Mahto (Seth). He saw wallet falling from the car. He didn't even took a penny from it. In the end, it was all his duty n values, for that noble drive
The labour narrated this incident to his father, explaining why they have a bad starving evening again that day. But, his father was more than happy despite having no food, no work, and all day wasted in returning money to seth, for which he commensed long way to return that amount. His father was happy despite all hurdles and temptations his son remained true, honest and sticked to their values.

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