Thursday, February 26, 2009


A kid all alone on terrace, hiding from his mother dialed his father from his toy mobile. He started complaining about the hardship of mother, as she didn't allowed him to play outside. Irrespective of anyone listening the conversation, kid boy instructed father to scold mother so that she let him play. After the phone call, he gave a hopeful glance to his toy phone. He had full trust in his belief that message is conveyed to father. Kid returned to his room, sat in a corner. Pretending that he is obeying mother's instruction; but he was waiting for her to receive a call from father. Meanwhile, mother got softened and allowed him to play in some time after doing some study. The kid got delighted. His innocent belief worked, and still he believed that it was complaint to father, few moment ago through his toy phone has made it happen. He just asked mother only to confirm his belief whether she received any phone call from father.

Above story is a description of a 30 seconds commercial of a mobile network. The commercial message has a marketing theme of belief; as it made themselves a leading mobile company of nation. Belief is the first step in making targets possible. And an innocent belief is even more stronger, since one is very much unaware of constraints and hence any effort made carries full dedication and perfection. After all it is a well known fact that, "If you really want something then the entire universe will conspire in your favor so that you can achieve it." This commercial has characters, moments and a climax with some deep moral; hence it is regarded as a story not a moment.

Another beautiful story. A lady bought a pack of cookies while waiting for her flight. A man sitting next to her started taking cookies from the pack. Lady initially didn't mind, later got annoyed and finally irritated. her fury was doubled by the smile she saw on his face. However she didn't created a scene but a symbolic rude behavior was quite obvious in that situation. Things got worsened when there was only one cookie left and he divided into into two parts and ate one. This was the limit, lady rushed away and eventually took her flight. In flight she realized the pack of cookies which she ate was not her's. In fact, Cookies which she bought was still lying in her bag. This means that person didn't took cookies from her, in fact cookies he had with him was shared by him with a generous smile. Even, He shared the last one he had to offer. She got ashamed of her overall behavior but certain things in life are irreversible.

Above story portrays a strong message through its climax that certain acts in life are irreversible like behavior, words and time. So, we got to be cautious in handling these.
A climax is something which complements a beautiful story and hence re-enforces delight in readers' mind. Like stories above. the reader feels a sense of achievement when something delightful or strong moral lesson is derived in the course of events in the story. Similarly, the climax of movie Sixth Sense was astonishing; a psychiatrist who was curing a kid boy, who had an extra perception naturally developed, by virtue of which he was able to see wandering souls. The psychiatrist made kid boy come out of his fear and helped him to initiate conversation with souls. Subsequently, the kid was able to establish conversation with wandering souls and helped them to get their unfulfilled wishes at the time of death, fulfilled. the trauma of kid boy vanished and he was very much cured or accustomed with his extra sensory perceptions. One day the kid boy asked psychiatrist to give a 'false' promise of meeting again as they were not going to meet onwards. Probably, the kid must have realized by then that the psychiatrist himself was a wandering soul. The psychiatrist himself was unaware about himself, which he realized in the end. Objective of the existence of psychiatrist's wandering soul was over, hence he got vanished into eternal ether.

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