Saturday, January 17, 2009

Non Stop Nonsense News

Where our Hindi TV News media community is headed for?

They are filled with all sort of craps, contents of no relevant importance and indeed they are TRP driven. They set their own academies to announce them number one award winner of favorite news channels, they repeat same content again and again; and these days every news is a breaking news. Seven days a week, day and night ( raat din, hafte ke saat din), they are promoting superstition, bollywood rivalries, Reality show updates, page 3 news, etc. In all these, the actual news is forbidden. We came to know everyday that sensex dropped down or climbed up; but an average hindi news audiance would not be graduated to the understanding of its driving forces. News about politics is an endangered news type. It is on a merge of extinction. One can never ever get any update on how government is functioning, what policies are being made and why? what are whereabouts of our planning commission, FICCI and CII actions, where we are being headed for as a nation and many such unanswered questions, which we even don't realize to seek from them. Obviously some Indian English News channels are at par in those expectations; but what about the big niche which rely on this media only.

Electronic News media has evolved beyond the boundries of mass communication, in fact now it is a source of mass education, cause it carries voice as well as images. If the source of information itself is money driven; it would not help to serve society any better. As a standard customer (viewer); quality is expected from the system. We might have other sources to obtain to fetch knowledge about bollywood rivalries, upcoming movies, insignificant local news which, no way carry any significant importance over national broadcast, astrology, reality TV, income of cricketers and there latest endorsements. Political News appears in random on some election days in states. And important national news in brief are locked in InfoBars moving in bottom.

Electronic media has evolved as an opinion leader advertising source. E.g recently two of bollywood celebrities gained maximum revenue due to extended coverage of their rivalries. Few others popped in from here and there, to take advantage of situation. Few months back there an advertisement itself was advertised through a 30 min special news report. 30 minutes special news features on leading news channels can be summarized into few lines of national dailies. they are filled with 15 minutes of commercials in 3 phases with news in 3-4 minutes dossiers in between. As an audience we must understand that our time is money which need not wasted someone's love affair and two people fighting out their egos.

1997 was the year when Prasar Bharti was introduced to make news media unbiased. 2002 onwards private news channel business witnessed tremendous growth curve. Initially DoorDarshan had maximum of 2 hrs of news broadcast distributed evenly in two English, Hindi and respective regional languages. It used to be diversified and comprehensive. Zee India TV, which is now Zee News is first hindi news channel to the writers knowledge; which initially had repeat telecasts of their 30 minutes standard comprehensive news bulletins. Prosper of private news media was mainly due to the philosophy of Prasar Bharti to avail unbiased News content to the society and national. This seems overruled in a rat run of giving fastest news and drive the TRP flow. Presently DoorDarshan being an autonomous but governement agency is confronting with the compliance of Prasar Bharti. One or other Hindi News ( perhaps English also) are speaking someone else motives who are driving them.

October 2007, Prasar Bharti initiated an unnoticed campaign regarding social responsibility of NEWS media over TV. Nothing happened, the broadcasters halfheartedly confessed and resumed their routine pattern. Since then, we have seen aliens walking on moon, September Tandav Machine D'day( related to Large Hydron Collider), 8 aug 2008 tragedies, astro alerts, 12 dec 2012 doomsday forecast, etc.

Hasn't it been great if somehow current international recession had been forecasted through their symptoms which must have appeared before.

It is our appeal to those who are governing and monitoring NEWS MEDIA in India, to take necessary measures to provide us correct mass education. Current and coming generations otherwise will have lesser logical approach towards the society. Please understand MEDIA is now means of mass education also, and we need better education.

(Video Source: writer's fun activity in a gathering which people enjoyed because of all the crap filled in it. Target audience of Hindi news media is unfortunately attracted towards such flashy masala, which is a threat for the society's evolution. Anything can not be a news unless it has got some strong social message in it.)

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