Thursday, January 15, 2009


Childhood days were gr8 days, We miss it a lot; i mean we could do anything and everything; it was fun; n den college that was also fun

You must watch "the kid" whenever U get time; it has similar plot;  which touches feeling of a grown up; and makes his kid come out; his kid means himself as kid; u must have heard about the techniques of healing past memories.

An image consultant ( Bruce Willis) is bit arrogant; but very successful in life; detached with his family-no connection; lives alone; very busy, his own office, changes people's life by consulting them; by advising them do's and don't; clients includes ; corporate, politicians, etc

One day, series of hallucinations appear; red color glider follows him; one night a kid entered his apartment; playing with red color glider toy; kid runs away, he follows him to some airport runway. Second time he encounters kid, he discovers he is himself; the 8 yr kid was himself, both talk to each other, both convinced that they are themselves, kid lives with him. Kid gets disappointed with his 40 yr counterpart. As a kid he had a dream to be a pilot, to have a dog with him. 40 yr counterpart was vertically opposite to his 8 yr reflection

Other details of the character; his secretary, his relation ship with his father, his girlfriend ( she gets a sarcastically bad treatment); his professional approach,

Kid enquires him, how the life between 8 to 40 has taken place; they start understanding each other

by the way kid was seen to everyone, how cum; probably entire hallucination; but that hallucination was for a cause;  what cause? whereabouts of hallucination was just a part of story, to enumerate the moral of story and create supporting plots

" holy smoke " was a recurrent word; by kid, one day it appeared

And now 40yr man went into 8 yr age in  past (1969); both together. When he was 8 yrs, on his birthday he was beaten up by some bad boys of school. They went there before recess time, when that incident happened. Eventually kid was taught boxing by one of his 40 yrs client in 2006.

They healed that moment

As remembered by the 40 yr counterpart, that he was beaten while saving a three legged dog TRIPOD, By those bad kids. He advised 8 yr counterpart to use his boxing skills well to combat. This time he was not beaten up, and he defeated them. However got injured, Her ill mother visited school after incident to meet principal as she was summoned. His father scolded him ( 8 yr boy obviously as 40 yr dude was just out of scene watching )

Kid discovered mother will die soon, Father scolded him as responsible for that, 40 yr counterpart told him that his mother will live for another year. Initially, the 40 yr man had a very bad impression of his father, this time when holy smoke took him to 1969, he understood father's perspective that he has to do upbringing of a boy without his mother, a family in fact

Then, holy smoke 2006 again a dog comes to him; as if the dog recognized both of 'em. Another elderly man , owner of dog calls him back. They resume their dining/conversation- both discovers that man was himself, from future. They were dining in the same restaurant which was near runway, now he had a dog and he possessed a private aircraft.

kid and man got happier

As they discovered 40 yrs and onwards they have got their cherished dreams resumed and definately achieved

" hey look us fly!"

when elderly man departed, both shouted numerous times

KID DISAPPEARD and 40 yr counterpart had a new beginning as they saw the glimpse of future.

The Kid is an inspiration to watch and realize our forgotten dreams.

(Disclaimer: Blog is an abridged version of GTalk between me and my friend)

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