Monday, October 19, 2009

What if God was one of us?

For Rachelle

What if, God is someone who is 'One of Us'? He’s perhaps just someone anonymous, with a simple identity and a common face. He is neither a superhuman nor a magician, neither charming nor a dumb. He is neither sensitive nor emotionless. He is just someone. He is one of us. What if he has really got no difference, one can not recognize him as the apex. He has also got a vocation like us, he who also wakes up everyday and retires every night after a tiring day. He had been just one of us, meeting us daily or occasionally and moved along...

God, living with a common name and a common face, must have smiled when we have walked down the streets of a town and had an eye contact with him in a flash. He must have read the silly things we have done in life, something bad knowingly and unknowingly, also knew if any random act of kindness* done by us someday; and he must have blessed us with a smile as an acknowledgement to us for being ‘the entity of our own attributes’. Perhaps, he would have been a cab driver when we returned home after a busy day. Unbothered by his presence, spoke nothing with him and lost all alone in wandering thoughts, which included something(s) and someone(s) of an individualist’s life. After returning the change amount, he must have blessed, “Good Night”

He must have been a helping hand to a kid, who fell on street from bicycle or skates, or he just sold stuffs in a department store. He who is the father of the whole world must have got parents of his own.

He must have felt bad when someone close to him suffered the game of destiny. Then he thought of giving a fair chance with better times ahead. He must have wept on the issues of terrorism. God must have been influenced to panelized sinners. God once dressed like a disabled but with a divine smile on face, must have given a demoralized to stand tall and face the world with honor and pride**.

He never helped anyone moving mountains of difficulties in one’s life; rather he gave strength to climb over it. He must have been moving all along, must have served a refreshing cup of tea somewhere in between, when the pilgrim of climbing difficulties designed by destiny had been in progress. ***

God is someone one of us and always with us! memories

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Title: “What if God was one of us?” is a song 'One of Us' sung by Joan Osbrowne.

* Act of Random Kindness (ARK)–An unconditional help/kindness to someone unknown. Taken from movie “Evan Almighty”

** Inspired by Gandhiji’s Talisman, from NCERT textbooks.

*** “Lord Don’t move that mountain, give me enough strength to climb it” – a prayer song from movie The Pursuit of Happyness

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Archive :- Topsia Fire

Note: Blog initially written 35 months back in November 2006 on my yahoo360 profile। I was in Kolkata during my graduation days. This blog is about the lack of social responsibility in maintaining minimum compliance for small scale leather goods manufacturing units. This negligence resulted in loss of lives for some bonded labors who were locked in the factory.

Blog is old, but the issue is still burning

Myself Blogged in November 2006 : -
It won't smell only the tanned leather while driving along the E.M.Bypass; it would now smell the burnt sweat and flesh of those labors living in Topsia-Tiljala industrial belt. The Topsia incident was appalling, the extent of money-mind ness that labors are locked at their workplace. They are no more than bonded labors. According to the telegraph these labors arebought from rural areas of Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. Most of them are child labors. A week before CITU(Trade Union of CPM) launched a trade union for IT sector, cause they believed they should protect rights of non-technical labors involved. That was a good thing to hear, but why they can't witness the non-conformity of simple compliances like potable water, cleanliness, fire safety and child labor. The topsia region is known for its illegal/unregistered business. Tenex Exports was one of them. Simple compliance conformity doesn't require ISO certification, but goodwill of an entrepreneur towards those hands which yield him dollars of profit.
Bags manufactured in that unit were exported to distant parts of world, as you can imagine the working condition as seen in picture(source: The Telegraph). I happened to visit a leather tannery in a Field Study visit during my first semester at NIFT. Ten of us vomited on the spot. There was only smell of fermented cow and buffalo skin, which entered our food pipe; reached stomach to take things out of it. By the way we reached fresh air after some time; but imagine some of our fellow citizens don't have that liberty to go away from their workplace for a while, and nine of them ended up dead, who leaved the fresh air of their village to earn somemoney for their family.
Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said: “Most of the buildings and the factories in that area are illegal… We have ordered an administrative inquiry.”
I hope the administrative enquiry would yield something good; at stake of loosing some foreign exchange, for prohibiting the proliferating of such illegal business. however, they don't yield any contribution to revenue of the state. Votes are perhaps something which government can loose, but a blogger like me will always appreciate such moves।

Rajeev Srivastava

Mr. Rajesh comments on the blog:-
The incidences like this one at Topsia Leather Export Body do keep happening in India .The answers we are looking for have to come from our own thoughts what i mean here is a question that whether we are in position to change the system or not ?
Bcz,I havent seen any step so far on behalf our governments that has stopped these kind of unfortunate accidents.But here I do see a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is people like you who stand up and raise there voice against the laid back attitude of the monitors of our system towards there responsibilities which they are supposed to discharge & these people and no one else have to stand responsible for these kind of things that happen around them and make us feel pity for those innocent souls.

My suggestions are .. do what you can do from your own level and keep your head raised with the feeling that I have done all that I can ..from my end and rest will be taken care of by the almighty which is another name of Laws of Nature and Wisdom which trancends the religon ,caste and creed .. Archive /

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Initial Yards: Joy of Disbelief

After so many cuts and injuries, once we thought riding cycle is impossible, and then we saw others riding it; re-collected all emotions and strengths, struggled with determination, learnt from mistakes, adopted a better approach, understood hidden tricks, and then one day the balance on two wheels was established and I shouted, “I am riding cycle on my own.”

The nervous joy of disbelief on attaining a cherished dream was evident in our initial yards of solely self balanced ride of cycle. Trembling feet, shaking hands, widen eyes, strained forehead temples, faster heart beats and some sensation in solar plexus; that unforgettable joy of childhood, got recovered from my memories in another similar instance below.

Earlier this year; relation between MITTRA (a Movex table) and OPS270MI (a Movex API) was a mystery to me. I struggled too much, but I was not able to have the right configuration to attain stock transactions update in MITTRA for the strings pushed to Movex through OPS270MI. I, My Team Lead and our Big Boss were concerned about it, to strike the right chord to make it happen. But, it was not happening at all. It was a challenge for us, as we knew it happens in other environments and we had to discover what had been the key to make that function happen in our environment. Just like the cycle; we had knowledge that two wheeled cycle doesn’t falls either way if the person knows how to ride it. All we didn’t knew how to balance the cycle.

Then I went through a phase of in-numerous cuts and injuries. Had a thorough browse of companion tool on every associated fields and functionalities in relation with OPS270MI. We had meetings to know about the alternates of OPS270MI. In the span of successive failures of every new strategy to solve it, I felt myself understanding the soul of the API and Movex. I started understanding, how it functions in Movex, which tables it influences, the internal programs which are called and how it is expected to behave once MITTRA is updated. All I slogged was how to update MITTRA.

Now we were all set to contact technical team for SOS. We got a belief that this bicycle had a problem, MITTRA will be updated only whatsoever puncture in it is spotted and corrected by technical consultant. Now my work was to make a detailed description of the problem area, highlight the issues, co-ordinate with technical consultant to make them understand the issue and solve the puncture. Our review meetings were centered on this issue all the time and now we were desperately seeking to outsource help in solving this.

One full day invested, in documenting the issues and concerns. Although all the time I discovered the soul of this functionality telling me, there is just something missing to make it happen. I was not happy to forward the issue to technical team. But, gradually the failures made me belief that it’s not profitable to run directionless, if there is really a technical fault in environment.

After enough of failed attempts of riding the bicycle; one evening I sat casually on the issue again. This time I used Tellus. I got some out of context details, followed by some new keywords which struck my mind. It was another dive in a new set of knowledge. I followed the flow of thoughts and information which were driving me. I said to myself, “I can see it!” Suddenly, DJ called me for a review meet. I dared and said, “As I can see it happening, give me 30 minutes. Might be we will have our issue solved”. With just introduced with new strangers named ‘Partner’ and ‘Internal Messages’ for ‘warehouse integration’; I discovered a whole set of new functionality which was vital to support the MITTRA update. Those were my initial yards of self balanced bicycle. I was riding in a belief of disbelief. As I can see it but feared I may fall again. But eventually few more steps of configurations, another test transaction, pressed the return key on keyboard and MITTRA was updated.

I ran to my Boss, after 10 to 15 minutes of his call, I felt some Archimedes in me, ‘EUREKA’ I said in my words, behaved fully childish, full of joy in that belief of disbelief. Something which haunted me for such a long time was cracked and I was proud of not getting any external help for that issue anymore.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who am I?

Rene Descartes, a French philosopher once said: 'I think, therefore I am'. I am thinking so my existence is established. The next question which bothers me is “I”. What is “I”? Whom we refer as “I” when we say “I am”? If I try to put my doubt simply the question is slightly different than “who am I?” Surprisingly a lot of work has been done to find out answer of the question “who am I”. The most difficult looking question has some ready made answer in various books and articles. Then there is a devil in me who asks a question, why are ...more

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Children Of heaven

Movie making has got difficult prepositions in Iran. There are lots of censorship, guidelines and restrictions in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Movie making almost died through the phase of historic Islamic revolution in Iran. Gradually, movie making in Iran is allowed but with innumerous restrictions and watch. The unfriendly restrictions for movie making have actually worked in favor of movie makers to attain heights of creativity on simpler subjects. This is evident through the fact that Iranian movies have highest number of awards won in International Film festivals all around the world.

Bashehaye Aseman (Children of Heaven) by Majid Majidi is one such landmark movie in Iranian Cinema. “Children of Heaven” was awarded Oscar for Best Foreign Language movie in 1998.

Ali and Zahra are brothers and sisters of a poor Iranian family. Their father works in a mosque by serving tea to people and their mother had some surgery which made her ill. Both Ali and Zahra help their mother in household activities and both goes to school. Movie begins with Ali getting shoes repaired for younger sister Zahra. But, eventually he lost those repaired shoes at a vegetable shop. It was taken by a sweeper unknowingly along with other garbage of the store. Ali did his best to find them, but failed. Zahra was disappointed to know her shoes are lost. Ali pleaded him not to tell this incident to their father. He was not afraid of being beaten up; rather he was concerned about the misery their family is already into because of their mother’s illness, unpaid house rent and low income of their father to support them.

Ali worked out a solution to this problem. Zahra had morning school and Ali had Afternoon school. Ali offered Zahra, to wear his sneakers for school and handover it to him soon after her school to Ali so that he can go school with those pair of sneakers. So the movie is all about the series of beautiful instances revolving around their relay race life of handing over sneakers in afternoon somewhere on the way, which was at the epicenter of their house and their respective schools. In the climax, there was a 4 Km race in town among students of Ali’s age group from various schools in the town. Ali wanted to participate so that he can win third prize of the race. Third prize was a pair of sneakers. Ali’s relay race life made him qualify for the race. Ali appeared in the race. He ran fast enough to secure a marginal lead. Gradually he slowed down to allow two others overtake him. But eventually, many other kids also came in close proximity. Now Ali had 4-5 kids with him in close, and end line was also approaching near. Ali pulled with all his energy and emerged winner of a fiercely competitive race. The win led to a disappointment to Ali, as he wanted to be third in the race not first. A fabulous prize for the winner was not attractive as those pair of sneakers. The movie ends with those available pair of sneakers badly torn and Ali and Zahra’s problem unresolved. Some versions of this movie have got an epilogue, mentioning Ali in his later life achieved heights of success as a sprinter.

Expressions of Ali and Zahra in the movie indeed come from heaven. Ali a 9 year intelligent boy has shy, thoughtful and fearsome expressions. Zahra is a cute 8 years old girl with ‘lovely frowns of anger’ and ‘cute smiles of happiness in disgust’.

‘Children of Heaven’ has got many beautiful instances. Like in presence of their father in room, they had a chat through writings on notebook, in which Ali convinced Zahra not to tell their parents about her lost shoes. And Ali gave Zahra his new pencil to make her pleased. Defining moments of the movie are the relay race of shoe handover, where Zahra runs after her school to meet Ali for shoe handover; so that Ali can reach his school in time with sneakers on. However, one reason or other never allowed Ali to reach school on time and he was always in trouble because of that. Once Zahra got sneakers fell in the fast moving drain stream, because shoes were one size big for her and usually came off her feet. Zahra ran along the stream to catch off the fallen shoe.

One her first day with Ali’s sneakers on Zahra felt very shy and awkward. Because those sneakers were big, dirty as well as not at all girly. But, in a sports class she felt proud of wearing sneakers, as it was then advised by sports teacher that sneakers are good for jumping. A beautiful smile of Zahra described above description. That’s what a thoughtful direction compliments the delight of story telling. Ali and Zahra had an emotional divinity with pleasure and delight in one scene when they together washed those pair of sneakers.

In the course of movie, Zahra discovered her lost shoe was used by another girl Zoya in her school. She followed Zoya one day to find where she lived. Another day Ali and Zahra went together to her place. They discovered Zoya’s life was more in misery than theirs. They returned without asking for her shoes. That is why Ali and Zahra are children of heaven. Zoya, without knowing that she had Zahra’s shoes, got a good friendship with Zahra. She was also an honest girl, as she returned an expensive pen of Zahra to her, which she saw fallen once Zahra as usual was rushing to Ali after school. Ali got that expensive pen as a prize from his teacher for doing well in studies, which he presented to Zahra to let her pleased and not let their parents know about the lost shoes. Movies

“Children of heaven” is a treat to watch. Movie is available on Google videos at below links.

Part 1:

Part 2:

official website of movie:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 is now 3

" Either write Something worth reading or do something worth writing"
Benjamin Franklin

3 years before; appeared on net. The span of three years have produced 34 blog posts. We are committed to enrich our readers' blog experience in coming years also. has produced many blogs which we have felt on diversified subjects spanning from Cricket, Hockey, Movies, TV Shows, Blast experience, pilgrims, urban transport, flight experience, love, unconditional love, travelogues, rain, clouds, nature, electronic media, Hindu mythology, music, poems, national integrity, book reviews, current affairs, etc. We will continue to produce readers' delight forever years and years onwards. is powered by the "feel phenomenon" to write on the subjects over which writer gets a strong insight or feel. Based on the day to day experiences, our blogs appeared with emotional touch after a span of 3 years are now diversified under different areas. And we are proud of that, there is no any such constraint for that; we can feel anything under the Sun and beyond. Summing it up all represents an autonomous autobiography which touches some portion of every others' life.

Happy Birthday / Editorial

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jupiter: Symbol of Unconditional Love

The untold fable of Jupiter

Perhaps Venus is a symbol of Love, no deny to it; but Jupiter is someone who made the existence of Solar system possible. It’s all due to his unconditional love towards earth. Love of Jupiter is all above the category of spouse, friend or a sibling. It is just a phenomenon of true love and inspiration to mankind. This true unconditional love made him to loose what it could have been just another mighty star of the galaxy, but he choose to be regarded only as someone anonymous.

Jupiter had got enough hydrogen to start as a sun, when our solar system was developing. Might be Jupiter (humanized) loved Earth's beauty and realized being a mass of heat will destroy the anticipated livelihood of the cutest planet. The green and blues of earth’s surface with a tint dusky browns, reflected by the shine of Sun; must have made him crazy. He went ahead all to see how life and eventually mankind was going to prosper on this planet. Contradictory, we took more romantic Venus as a symbol of love. The dignity of Jupiter is unbothered to it; because Jupiter carries vision and wisdom. Jupiter must have seen oceans of love and beauty of emotions will be prospering in the planet of life. He must have felt emotional when he was all set to be promoted as a star. Possibly, his emotions made mankind.

He defined his objective to God that to divert all asteroids and comets approaching earth. The belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter would have been bombarded on us if Jupiter wasn't there. The 'Frisbee Phenomenon of Jupiter' by attracting and throwing asteroids away protects us. For Earth (humanized), might be Jupiter is just a dignified stranger or a failed star; but indeed Jupiter is a symbol of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Jupiter is an inspiration to live and love without conditions! Jupiter followed his duties from ages and will continue for another age of ages, unconditionally for his beloved. When you feel intensely disappointed with emotions, just remember Jupiter. / Unconditional Love

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lilies of the Lake

The distant lake appeared like a landmass out of the density of the water which suddenly grew heavier in overcast. The continuous movement of high speed breeze at the wake up of a forecasted typhoon made an array of waves over the water surface. The continuous arrays created a dynamic equilibrium, waves stood still and the reflected saffron grey shade of the clouds in evening made the lake looked like a landmass of sand. This was a mirage or illusion indeed; reminded by the water lilies of the lake. A contradiction that sand and greenery can never be co-existent. One of them is an illusion which is just enumerated by a series of events. They are half realities and half illusions; exactly like the mind which was surrounded by mixed emotions, conflicts from many directions both from inside and outside. Through the maze of ambitions, duties, beauties, likes, dislikes, expectations, assumptions and a quest of happiness- it was all like a water lily in mirage sand.

Clouds which sat over a distant mountain appeared like a heap of cotton balls dumped over it, falling down to release and blanket it all over, giving all the moisture it has. The mountain clouds appear whispered through the winds which blew inside the ears. The pioneer winds in the wake of today’s forecasted typhoon have bought them till the beautiful mountains, where they got melted by its beauty to blanket it all with the moisture they have. Like a true lover, giving it all unconditionally. Like the Jupiter who admired Dharti’s view so much, it refused God for being another Sun, rather to keep gaze on it and protect it from celestial attacks. The clouds fell in a similar unconditional love with those mountain trees and rocks, and went ahead to give it all they had. Their affection was just unbothered by the inexpressive rocks over the mountain. The clouds however loved the smile of the trees who danced in tune of divine rhythm sung by them and accompanying winds.

The nearby saffron clouds grew darker. It appeared as if sky was falling in that distant stretch of the lake. The wind whispered a bit louder this time of approaching storm. The storm of conflicts confined inside a pretended smiling calm castle also grew louder. The gaze of lilies, water-sand, waves, clouds and the falling sky and rocks of mountains resembled different characters of mixed emotions.

The inexpressive rocks and the melted clouds in love, euphoric trees and the lilies caught in the mirage of either sand or water; collectively enumerated different aspects of human nature.

Living with conflicts, seeing mirages, creating illusions, living expressively, loving inexpressiveness, speculations, disappointments, surprises, ambitions, achievements, failures, tears of happiness and the laugh of a sad; it was all communicated through the lilies of lake. Internal Conflicts

Monday, June 15, 2009

Philippine Days

Well I’m nobody against Ian Wright (Lonely planet) or Diego Buñuel (Don’t tell my mother …), but indeed my Manila days are filled with beautiful travelogue experiences. And I do feel myself as someone like them. This blog is all about the experiences I’m getting in Philippine backed by the memories of me in India.

Philippine is a beautiful country. There is a beautiful lake stretched throughout the horizon with a series of hills behind it; can be seen from my apartment. I’m staying in Alalabang (in Muntinlupa City), which is in another district but considered as a sub-urban part of Manila. Similar to the relation we have between Thane and Mumbai. But this place resembles me of Kolkata more. There are many similarities. Especially the flyover in front of Star Mall reminds me of Gariahat of Kolkata. And some replication of Eastern Meridian ByPass in Kolkata can be observed in the greenery surrounded roads of these towns.

JeepNi : First thing which I noticed here was Jeepni. It is an awesome vehicle. It resembles a miniature truck from its front view. It has got similar decorations as we observe also done for trucks in India and Pakistan. It’s a stretched Limonouisse made out of a something called Jeep in India. I recall the overcrowded 20 kms jeep journey from Deoria town to my village near Pagra bazaar. The Mahua Patan Bridge on Choti Gandak River and innumerous babul trees on the way. The river doesn’t have that much water in summers before autumn and the island of sands can be seen. But when monsoon cloud arrives the water level goes high, as if its now on a cloud 9. The coins we use to throw it in river, is a part of our culture to offer our worships to rivers by throwing coins into it.

The Jeepni of Phillipines carries people in the same way but its more stretched and lesser crowded. Living in Indian metroes viz Kolkata and Mumbai since past 6 years almost made me forgot what a Jeep used to be. It almost got extinct in my mind. Jeepni made me recall the fainted memories of me going village in childhood. Jeep is still used for transportation between towns in UP and Bihar.

Indeed, For me JeepNi is a heritage of this town, similar to Trams in Kolkata.

Trike : Trike (nomenclature done by me) or Tri-cycle is a Jay-Veeru’s motorbike from Sholey with a shelter overhead. This is also another mean of public transportation as a substitute to the auto-rickshaw we have in Mumbai. Trike can carry upto 5 people including the driver. Trike is mostly used in India by handicaps, but here trike with shelter overhead is used for moving folks whereas trikes without shelter is used for moving garbage. Trike reminds me of 100 number (Sau number in Hindi – Nomenclature done by one of my family friend) in Shahjahanpur. Shahjahanpur is a small town in UP, where mopeds are attached with indigenously manufactured sitting arrangements. They move folks for smaller distances mostly between villages. These rural Nano’es are in practice since long back. But why they were named as 100 or Sau number? Because 100 is a police control room number which has to be contacted first whenever there accident happens. Sau Number is very accident prone especially in nights when the only headlight of the moped may mislead anyone approaching it, not to consider the side extensions of it in darkness. We can see in the image a circle with flouroscent paint over the screen of the attached cabinet of the trike. It is glowing because of the camera flash. Hence, a Philipino trike is not a "Sau Number"; since approaching vehicles in dark can see two lights representing the width of the vehicle.

Be it Trike or Jeepni, they are beautifully decorated by Philippines’ people and it shoulders a major chunk of transportation over here. They are different but remind India to me. The next section not only reminds me of India, but has aroused a curiosity in everyone about India. It’s a sarcastic honour to be from India, since Slumdog millionaire has got all which portrays bad about India. It is whatsoever a reality indeed, besides a glorified history and rich culture of a nation, Slumdog displayed how much we are inhuman or uncivilized also as a nation. Self consciously, I face that ugly side of us. But that movie is an inspiration to people out here.

Jay Ho! : Philippine is driven crazy by Slum-dog Millionaire. ‘Jay Ho’ promotional featuring Pussy Cat is on the charts of every FM channel. One of my fellow colleagues here told me that he got inspiration from Slumdog millionaire movie and he had watched it thrice. Well, if something inspires; you are bound to watch it over and over again. It enables one to have all of its details known by heart. I too had that level of mania, for movie Iqbal. That movie is completely in my mind scene by scene. Still, I do feel the concluding scene of the movie when Shreyas Telpade (deaf and dumb in movie) was running towards the pitch to bowl first delivery of his ODI career. That scene makes me feel as if Iqbal is someone known and very close to me, and his success is mine. Similarly Jamal Malik is a character which has penetrated the psyche of folks worldwide.

I just love to see the glaze in people’s eyes when they come to know the meaning of Jay Ho as to ‘be victorious’. Their inspiration level gets a Gatorade when they came to know the meaning. Jay Ho is now used as a mode of greeting by me to the people I know over here. ‘Jay Ho’ has got a connecting phenomenon for me and the folks over here. One of my friend asked me about some doubts about the movie which they didn’t understood. Like who was that movie star for whom Jamal Malik jumped into the dumps of shit, but didn’t let his photograph got dirty. Or why there was a kid painted in Blue stood in streets when there was a severe massacre between folks and what was represented through him.

Hey! Look us Fly

After a long but somewhat entertained wait in the lounge room; even I once felt sleepy; I came to know about the changed terminal for my first ever flight of life. It happened finally with me. And I was now directed towards the way to board my flight. I walked down the gallery, the red carpet indeed. The gallery was a bit long and gradually I found myself inside the flight. I never came to know that it was an artificial gallery, movable and its opening was directed right into the door of flight. I expected that I will be climbing stairs to board the flight (this I did later in Hong Kong for the second flight). Finally I was in and occupied 52A seat of mine. After boarding the flight I had a very long conversation with mom. She was happy as well as sad about me going that away from her. It was an emotional moment over phone. But ultimately I had to switch it off. The flight was ready to take off now. Signals from electronic devices disrupt communication of flight with air traffic.

Cathay flight had a small screen in front of every seat. So I was updated about important statistics viz. distance between source and destination; local times of source and destination, a GPS map and cockpit view of the flight. The cockpit view was of my immense interest. I remembered “A pilgrim through the roads of Mumbai” when I had a view of the flight taking on and off the runway, from a very nearby distance on Andheri Kurla road. The cockpit view enabled me to have the best view of the linear perspective of my life. I felt “that’s a Bournville moment of my life”. Indeed it was! The aero-dynamic giant started running the runway. Through the side window I assessed the acceleration of the machine. Then a gentle push and we were in sky. The giant wings of plane, seen through the window were stretched wide open in sky. Throughout the journey they made adjustments through different panes in it to enable aero dynamicity of the fleet. The wheel shown through the cockpit view started returning back inside the flight. That was a moment before dawn in Mumbai. Around 4:55 AM we took of. Hence, it was still darkness around.

Through the window I saw myself moving away from Mumbai. It was an awesome view. It was a golden view. All the yellow street lights lit together the roads of Mumbai resembled golden laces spread and sparkled all over. Straight and curved roads with so many lights from slums and posh buildings gradually meshed together in a distant view of my Mumbai. The flight reached the clouds. Oh, some tiny rain clouds are next to me. I sensed the moisture in them. However they weren’t of that intensity which can damp Mumbai. But I was with them. Holy Smoke! And gradually I got above the clouds too. Mumbai was now faded. Now I am away from it probably for next three months. Perhaps, we crossed the Thane creek, followed by Western Ghats. Then I saw the redness in the sky. I can see SuryaDev (The Sun) behind the blanket of clouds through the cockpit view channel in the screen. There were several layers of cloud we surpassed. White clouds, grey clouds, we were all above them. It was a moment when the man-made world was in full rhythm with nature. Not above it at all. Because nature is immense and man made materialism is nothing but a part of it.

At some point of time I recalled one of my recurring dream. In those dreams I’m equipped with superpowers/ abilities. I can run very fast, I jump to run faster and observe I can float in my movements. From the terrace of my Gorakhpur house I see myself jumping towards zenith, with first jump through Sri Ram Vanvasi Hostel building. Initially I gets amateur approach but gradually I excels and see myself crossing Atlantic ocean. Well, that recurrent dream is similar as well as different with my flight experience. Well, this dream is just one of the many reasons because of which I strongly associate myself very much with Superheroes.

Gradually, the sun got strong and it was advised by the on board staff (Air hostess-of course!) to close the window cover. I enjoyed some recorded videos and some radio channels. Omelet served in breakfast was nice. I slept and reached Bangkok after 3000 kms of air journey through maximum height attained above sea level around 9000 kms. We almost touched the stratosphere all above the troposphere. It crossed Maharashtra, Deccan, MP, Orissa and Bay of Bengal. It was all displayed through the GPS map in the front screen.

Bangkok was the only halt for the flight before Hong Kong. It was day time and the aerial view of Bangkok was fabulous. Bangkok had too much of water bodies, I wonder it was recent rains or it has that much of water anytime. I saw straight and parallel roads meshed throughout and many building stood in discipline with majority of them in white with orange tops. We passed some golf course. Golf always fascinates me, and top view of them made me curious for not missing any inch of it. Gradually the height reduced between us and the earth and we landed on Bangkok airport.

It was a halt for 45 minutes, some cleaning, some alighted, some boarded, change in on board staff and we finally resumed voyage towards Hong Kong. Ariel view of Mumbai was glazing, Bangkok’s view was fabulous but view of Hong Kong was MIND BLOWING. It appeared every building in HK was a sky scrapper only. They all stood in as in uniform and in discipline. As if they were all monitoring Macau. Somewhere in between there was a building very distinct, certainly the tallest building in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is surrounded by water from all sides, with coastal mountains adding value to the Aerial view of the “Asia’s World city”* There were numerous boats and water sports can be seen from the sky of Hong Kong. The airport, which is very vast in area itself, is on an island. It is quite away from the main land which is called as Macau. Finally my first ever flight journey came to a memorable end in some 6 hours.

The Hong Kong airport is huge, and it has world class infrastructures. There was an escalator like arrangement to enable people to speed up their walk. I call it a flat escalator, which enabled folks to walk down the corridors with faster speeds. I had to board another flight for Manila. It was on some far off terminal of HK airport. I was surprised to know that there was also an internal train in airport. I had to take one such train (it was like a metro train) to reach security point for my flight’s terminal. And then a Bus with no seats took us all to board the Manila flight. Travelogue

* Asia’s World City: A promotion of Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific is headquartered in Hong Kong.
Blog title is taken from movie "The Kid"

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kotar Aur Kutir

Disclaimer: Recreation of original work by SiyaRam Sharan Gupta; famous hindi poet and writer

Kotar Aur Kutir is all about being true and dignified within oneself for his values and responsibilities. Kotar ( a hollow space in tree) and Kutir ( a Hut) are different phases of the same moral of being true to oneself for values and responsibility.

Into the Kotar of a banyan tree, lived a chatak bird family of father and son. They starved in the month of Jeth ( month for extreme summer in Indian Calendar, phase of May-June summer time in Indian Subcontinent). Chatak is a hypothetical sacred mythological breed of bird, which doesn't drinks water in Indian Summers as he awaits rain droplets of 'Swati Nakshatra' ( i.e. moment when first droplets of rain falls) to satisfy his thirst. Chatak community doesn't compromise to drink stale water of ponds in their region. According to legends and believes; this bird community has responsibility of bringing rain down to the region where they lives. As they starve out in extreme Indian heat and continuously pray God for rain to appear.

The younger generation of Chatak community was argumentative. Driven by logic, the chatak son broke out his silence and questioned why they were supposed to starve, when there was sufficient water available in the region. He questioned what would be the outcome of that, anyways rain will appear sometime whenever it will be the required climate change. Chatak son came with all possible logics to convince his father that they can drink the available water after doing required search for it and not starve in the unbearable summer by just sitting idle and praying rain god. As he noticed pattern of animals and birds going in one particular direction and return. But Chatak father remained uneffected and decided to starve till the rain will appear. As he stucked to his values, responsibility and believes and tried to convince his son for the same with his set of believes, customs and responsibilities.

Both sticked to their believes and logic. Ultimately, chatak son left out alone to drink available water. There was no water nearby, he searched for hours and found one pond, one dirty pond. It had very little water left, which was supporting life of animals in the jungle. Gradually he started thinking like his father, that after searching water a sight of dirty pond can give so much relief
how much would be that immense happiness if he will satisfy his thirst with swati nakshatra water droplets. Also a holy skeptism appeared, if he will violate his values ; perhaps rain may not appear this season. If he will not able to manage his starvation, it may lead to starvation of entire ecosystem in his region. Because of him, everyone may starve to death. Hence he returned his kotar still thirsty and joined his father. They continued the venture of bringing rain down to the region.

Similarly, in Kutir ( a Hut ) a labour also didn't sacrificed his values, in a time of immense poverty (era of before independence). The labour , starving with hungry stomach, got no work in morning to feed his family. But chased a motor car madly, so that he can give a wallet full of money to the Mahto (Seth). He saw wallet falling from the car. He didn't even took a penny from it. In the end, it was all his duty n values, for that noble drive
The labour narrated this incident to his father, explaining why they have a bad starving evening again that day. But, his father was more than happy despite having no food, no work, and all day wasted in returning money to seth, for which he commensed long way to return that amount. His father was happy despite all hurdles and temptations his son remained true, honest and sticked to their values.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009


A kid all alone on terrace, hiding from his mother dialed his father from his toy mobile. He started complaining about the hardship of mother, as she didn't allowed him to play outside. Irrespective of anyone listening the conversation, kid boy instructed father to scold mother so that she let him play. After the phone call, he gave a hopeful glance to his toy phone. He had full trust in his belief that message is conveyed to father. Kid returned to his room, sat in a corner. Pretending that he is obeying mother's instruction; but he was waiting for her to receive a call from father. Meanwhile, mother got softened and allowed him to play in some time after doing some study. The kid got delighted. His innocent belief worked, and still he believed that it was complaint to father, few moment ago through his toy phone has made it happen. He just asked mother only to confirm his belief whether she received any phone call from father.

Above story is a description of a 30 seconds commercial of a mobile network. The commercial message has a marketing theme of belief; as it made themselves a leading mobile company of nation. Belief is the first step in making targets possible. And an innocent belief is even more stronger, since one is very much unaware of constraints and hence any effort made carries full dedication and perfection. After all it is a well known fact that, "If you really want something then the entire universe will conspire in your favor so that you can achieve it." This commercial has characters, moments and a climax with some deep moral; hence it is regarded as a story not a moment.

Another beautiful story. A lady bought a pack of cookies while waiting for her flight. A man sitting next to her started taking cookies from the pack. Lady initially didn't mind, later got annoyed and finally irritated. her fury was doubled by the smile she saw on his face. However she didn't created a scene but a symbolic rude behavior was quite obvious in that situation. Things got worsened when there was only one cookie left and he divided into into two parts and ate one. This was the limit, lady rushed away and eventually took her flight. In flight she realized the pack of cookies which she ate was not her's. In fact, Cookies which she bought was still lying in her bag. This means that person didn't took cookies from her, in fact cookies he had with him was shared by him with a generous smile. Even, He shared the last one he had to offer. She got ashamed of her overall behavior but certain things in life are irreversible.

Above story portrays a strong message through its climax that certain acts in life are irreversible like behavior, words and time. So, we got to be cautious in handling these.
A climax is something which complements a beautiful story and hence re-enforces delight in readers' mind. Like stories above. the reader feels a sense of achievement when something delightful or strong moral lesson is derived in the course of events in the story. Similarly, the climax of movie Sixth Sense was astonishing; a psychiatrist who was curing a kid boy, who had an extra perception naturally developed, by virtue of which he was able to see wandering souls. The psychiatrist made kid boy come out of his fear and helped him to initiate conversation with souls. Subsequently, the kid was able to establish conversation with wandering souls and helped them to get their unfulfilled wishes at the time of death, fulfilled. the trauma of kid boy vanished and he was very much cured or accustomed with his extra sensory perceptions. One day the kid boy asked psychiatrist to give a 'false' promise of meeting again as they were not going to meet onwards. Probably, the kid must have realized by then that the psychiatrist himself was a wandering soul. The psychiatrist himself was unaware about himself, which he realized in the end. Objective of the existence of psychiatrist's wandering soul was over, hence he got vanished into eternal ether.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Internal Conflicts

In that laugh, there was some sadness behind. Smile was lost and the laugh was hiding the incapable to go unnoticed feeling of some sadness. Internal conflicts; between good and bad, winning and loosing, complete and incomplete, rigidity and elasticity; all appeared together to make a paradox of laugh in a sad.

A sense of something missing, prevailed all over. Things in surrounding were fine but not perfect. Like someone calling from inside to mend, but not able to specify what. Internal Energy of emotions resulted in an emotional trauma. A handicap of indifference to life. Simultaneously, laugh also vanished. thinking forces striking from all directions, no protocol, only a directionless movement of thoughts, came and went continuously. Supernova of thoughts, emotions and memories made the brain go on for hibernation ( handicap of indifference ).

There appeared no end to internal conflicts. Like the parable of 'a frog' in boiling water; in due course of time, adoption to the change was scheduled to happen. Until the temperature reached the boiling point which indeed unbearable for the frog made him to die. (frog was in pot since the temperature of water was normal, the pot got on an oven, frog in pot adapted to change unless it went unbearable). If change is spontaneous it can not go unnoticed. But, if there are slow gradual change, it will pass unnoticed before it goes critical.

Gradually, the supernova of thoughts was commanding brain to go on indifferent to emotions mode. If that would have been happened, apparent internal conflicts could have gone underground. That is to a deeper level. Hibernated brain would have thought isn't there nothing happened at all?

Thankfully, an unconscious portion of brain got conscious...

(to be continued) internal conflicts

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Non Stop Nonsense News

Where our Hindi TV News media community is headed for?

They are filled with all sort of craps, contents of no relevant importance and indeed they are TRP driven. They set their own academies to announce them number one award winner of favorite news channels, they repeat same content again and again; and these days every news is a breaking news. Seven days a week, day and night ( raat din, hafte ke saat din), they are promoting superstition, bollywood rivalries, Reality show updates, page 3 news, etc. In all these, the actual news is forbidden. We came to know everyday that sensex dropped down or climbed up; but an average hindi news audiance would not be graduated to the understanding of its driving forces. News about politics is an endangered news type. It is on a merge of extinction. One can never ever get any update on how government is functioning, what policies are being made and why? what are whereabouts of our planning commission, FICCI and CII actions, where we are being headed for as a nation and many such unanswered questions, which we even don't realize to seek from them. Obviously some Indian English News channels are at par in those expectations; but what about the big niche which rely on this media only.

Electronic News media has evolved beyond the boundries of mass communication, in fact now it is a source of mass education, cause it carries voice as well as images. If the source of information itself is money driven; it would not help to serve society any better. As a standard customer (viewer); quality is expected from the system. We might have other sources to obtain to fetch knowledge about bollywood rivalries, upcoming movies, insignificant local news which, no way carry any significant importance over national broadcast, astrology, reality TV, income of cricketers and there latest endorsements. Political News appears in random on some election days in states. And important national news in brief are locked in InfoBars moving in bottom.

Electronic media has evolved as an opinion leader advertising source. E.g recently two of bollywood celebrities gained maximum revenue due to extended coverage of their rivalries. Few others popped in from here and there, to take advantage of situation. Few months back there an advertisement itself was advertised through a 30 min special news report. 30 minutes special news features on leading news channels can be summarized into few lines of national dailies. they are filled with 15 minutes of commercials in 3 phases with news in 3-4 minutes dossiers in between. As an audience we must understand that our time is money which need not wasted someone's love affair and two people fighting out their egos.

1997 was the year when Prasar Bharti was introduced to make news media unbiased. 2002 onwards private news channel business witnessed tremendous growth curve. Initially DoorDarshan had maximum of 2 hrs of news broadcast distributed evenly in two English, Hindi and respective regional languages. It used to be diversified and comprehensive. Zee India TV, which is now Zee News is first hindi news channel to the writers knowledge; which initially had repeat telecasts of their 30 minutes standard comprehensive news bulletins. Prosper of private news media was mainly due to the philosophy of Prasar Bharti to avail unbiased News content to the society and national. This seems overruled in a rat run of giving fastest news and drive the TRP flow. Presently DoorDarshan being an autonomous but governement agency is confronting with the compliance of Prasar Bharti. One or other Hindi News ( perhaps English also) are speaking someone else motives who are driving them.

October 2007, Prasar Bharti initiated an unnoticed campaign regarding social responsibility of NEWS media over TV. Nothing happened, the broadcasters halfheartedly confessed and resumed their routine pattern. Since then, we have seen aliens walking on moon, September Tandav Machine D'day( related to Large Hydron Collider), 8 aug 2008 tragedies, astro alerts, 12 dec 2012 doomsday forecast, etc.

Hasn't it been great if somehow current international recession had been forecasted through their symptoms which must have appeared before.

It is our appeal to those who are governing and monitoring NEWS MEDIA in India, to take necessary measures to provide us correct mass education. Current and coming generations otherwise will have lesser logical approach towards the society. Please understand MEDIA is now means of mass education also, and we need better education.

(Video Source: writer's fun activity in a gathering which people enjoyed because of all the crap filled in it. Target audience of Hindi news media is unfortunately attracted towards such flashy masala, which is a threat for the society's evolution. Anything can not be a news unless it has got some strong social message in it.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Childhood days were gr8 days, We miss it a lot; i mean we could do anything and everything; it was fun; n den college that was also fun

You must watch "the kid" whenever U get time; it has similar plot;  which touches feeling of a grown up; and makes his kid come out; his kid means himself as kid; u must have heard about the techniques of healing past memories.

An image consultant ( Bruce Willis) is bit arrogant; but very successful in life; detached with his family-no connection; lives alone; very busy, his own office, changes people's life by consulting them; by advising them do's and don't; clients includes ; corporate, politicians, etc

One day, series of hallucinations appear; red color glider follows him; one night a kid entered his apartment; playing with red color glider toy; kid runs away, he follows him to some airport runway. Second time he encounters kid, he discovers he is himself; the 8 yr kid was himself, both talk to each other, both convinced that they are themselves, kid lives with him. Kid gets disappointed with his 40 yr counterpart. As a kid he had a dream to be a pilot, to have a dog with him. 40 yr counterpart was vertically opposite to his 8 yr reflection

Other details of the character; his secretary, his relation ship with his father, his girlfriend ( she gets a sarcastically bad treatment); his professional approach,

Kid enquires him, how the life between 8 to 40 has taken place; they start understanding each other

by the way kid was seen to everyone, how cum; probably entire hallucination; but that hallucination was for a cause;  what cause? whereabouts of hallucination was just a part of story, to enumerate the moral of story and create supporting plots

" holy smoke " was a recurrent word; by kid, one day it appeared

And now 40yr man went into 8 yr age in  past (1969); both together. When he was 8 yrs, on his birthday he was beaten up by some bad boys of school. They went there before recess time, when that incident happened. Eventually kid was taught boxing by one of his 40 yrs client in 2006.

They healed that moment

As remembered by the 40 yr counterpart, that he was beaten while saving a three legged dog TRIPOD, By those bad kids. He advised 8 yr counterpart to use his boxing skills well to combat. This time he was not beaten up, and he defeated them. However got injured, Her ill mother visited school after incident to meet principal as she was summoned. His father scolded him ( 8 yr boy obviously as 40 yr dude was just out of scene watching )

Kid discovered mother will die soon, Father scolded him as responsible for that, 40 yr counterpart told him that his mother will live for another year. Initially, the 40 yr man had a very bad impression of his father, this time when holy smoke took him to 1969, he understood father's perspective that he has to do upbringing of a boy without his mother, a family in fact

Then, holy smoke 2006 again a dog comes to him; as if the dog recognized both of 'em. Another elderly man , owner of dog calls him back. They resume their dining/conversation- both discovers that man was himself, from future. They were dining in the same restaurant which was near runway, now he had a dog and he possessed a private aircraft.

kid and man got happier

As they discovered 40 yrs and onwards they have got their cherished dreams resumed and definately achieved

" hey look us fly!"

when elderly man departed, both shouted numerous times

KID DISAPPEARD and 40 yr counterpart had a new beginning as they saw the glimpse of future.

The Kid is an inspiration to watch and realize our forgotten dreams.

(Disclaimer: Blog is an abridged version of GTalk between me and my friend)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ranji Semifinal: Mumbai Vs Saurashtra

Semi Final of current Ranji Season commences Sunday onwards between Saurashtra-Mumbai and UP- TamilNadu. Rising stars of domestic structure will be seen playing with the likes of those who have represented India at International level.

Any Domestic encounter which features Sachin gains a ‘special match’ status for organizers. And this time it is more special as this time the likes of Pujara is against him. Since the inception of this season of domestic season, Chiteshwar had been the consistent performer and had been in discussion throughout. This is going to be an eventful cricket week with domestic Ranji semi-fianls and Australia’s attempt to win something more than a test match. Can Australia manage to withstand South Africa, who are in incredible form.

Rise of Domestic Cricket; Its not just Chiteshwar Pujara or Saurashtra, which have risen to a certain level. In fact, it is the entire domestic structure of cricket in India which has got uplift. Since IPL; domestic cricketers are getting their due recognition and media coverage. Performers like Pujara do deserve such coverage, and also the responsibility to give their best on their debut for India. It could be a tough time for Saurashtra batting line up, to handle the ZAK attack. According to Gautam Gambhir’s interview in TOI, Zaheer is the best bowler in world today. Can Chiteshwar Pujara and excellent team work of Saurashtra portrayed so far in Ranji season will withstand against Sachin, Zaheer and Mumbai’s fair amount of international level experience ( Wasim Jaffer, Rohit Sharma). Can they repeat their tremendous character? Pujara will have a chance for New Zealand ticket. Definitely this semi final will be remembered as a memorable Ranji match. In fact more memorable than recent 2006-07 season Ranji Final between Mumbai and Bengal.

Definitely, this is going to be a treat to watch.

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