Friday, August 15, 2008

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Culture is governed by characteristics of water. Very true as the titled song which I personally deem as an Anthem, representing India through different cultures, landscapes , way of living and languages.

Be it any region we live or any language we speak, we are a nation. India is a unique land mass with all sorts of geographical landscapes and numerous languages and races. Un-noticed but very true, Indian culture is evolving as a unique fusion of its diversity evaporated and then condensed together. Like WATER; be it from sea, river, pond or one hard sweat; it has no discrimination during cloud formation and it equally returned back in form of precipitation. This is very brighter prospect, there are many threads like cricket, bollywood, bhangra, Dosa and many other phenomenons which don’t have any regional boundry and are stitching us in one loop.

But, also there are many other factors in the present day context, through which we are getting divided in terms of the religion one follows, the language one speaks and the region one lives. Discrimination of many sorts is prevailed all around us. Linguist discrimination; it is now evolving to a greater extent. It had prevailed earlier also in pre as well as post independence era. Because of Linguistism, Hindi has not been recognized as national language yet. Delhi politics is over shadowed with Secularism and communalism issues, but coalition fronts are involved in their linguistic/ regional issues. This is mainly due to regional parties having decisive roles in Parliamentary activities.

Today we are united with patriotic feelings on 61st birthday of the independent nation, but we are equally divided too. We have to free ourselves from such anti-social barriers. We got to develop one nation one society feel, not many regions with that many societies to favor. As a citizen of the nation, we must seek equal opportunities for every one as a fundamental right.

Lata Mangeshkar’s singing for a Bhojpuri movie is an ideal example of combating regionalism / linguist forces beyond politics. As a responsible citizen I personally feel proud of such examples.

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