Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hockey India

Indeed this is a great news, which will be marked as a landmark day in revival of Indian Hockey. As the Interntional Hockey federation has allowed India to host 2010 Hockey world cup and Hockey India is formed/renamed for governing and controlling the sport in India. This week would be remembered as an eventful week for the National sport. Junior team also won the asia cup in Hyderabad.

Despite being ruled out of Olympics and revealing of corruption cases in former IHF,and recent on field battle of Junior Indo-Pak players; "Hockey India" could be deemed as a name of Hockey's revival in India. Now, "Hockey India" must work on spreading the sport to common masses. basis reason of refrained public from this sport is lack of Stadium facilities. There are very few Turfs available in India, and they are mostly located in big cities. Their publicization is also minimum, with very few international level tournaments.( Juniors Asia Cup recently held in hyderabad was an important tournament after Seniors Asia cup held last year in Chennai.) PHL is a mojor club level tournament, but it hasn't have a FANS following before, after or throughout the season. Most of the teens who take up Hockey as a career end up their competency by securing a government job through sportsman quota. But, they are not to be blamed as one has to ensure his livelyhood.

Hockey India must invest to build some new stadiums in remote locations also with competent infrastructures. Then only the new generation will have a fair amount of exposure to this sport.
Secondly, media has to take responsibility for creating awareness for this sport. If they can promote fictious Aliens, 2012 doomsday, etc other craps to a mass gossip; why not a dying National sport be responsibily awared.
Corporates can play a driving role in this regard. They is no harm if fabulous amount of money get involved in the sport. if it is justified for cricket, so would be for hockey.
As a common mass, we must respect endangered Hockey; as we talk to respect our National Flag, Emblem, Anthem, bird and animal. Hockey is also prefixed as National Sport, and must be given similar regards and recognition.

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