Sunday, June 08, 2008

The WindoW

Once there had been a librarian, who used to call anyone, anonymously anyone on weekends; not to listen people talk, instead his own voice.

through The WindoW, one day I realized the loneliness created by me around myself.

the window which changed perspectives.

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  1. This is one of my favourite blogs posted on Triond. Lateron I decided its not worthy to write on such portals where it is not easy to get compilation of my work.

    below is the post

    The realization of a librarian’s silence in one’s life, the window in a rainy season made me to explore happiness.

    It had been raining so hard, being idle and bored with the casual browsing through the net, I discovered my window pane. The surrounding got a changed perspective. The orange flowers on the tree top made me amazed; how I didn’t manage to see them yet through the windows of newly shifted apartment. The lush green washed leaves of the trees and the greenly grassland on the mountain, the electric towers, and clouds as appeared residing on the mountains waiting for next shift of rains.

    The eucalyptus tree, like a delicate slim lady turned bit bent likewise she was annoyed to me of my so far ignorance at her presence. The palm continuously appeared starring me, the mango loaded with ripened fruits invited for the natures feast.

    The glitz, glamour and competition to excel for survival, often restricts us to materialize the immortal vitality of nature. Being connected with numerous people through the internet I realized I never knew whereabouts of my next door neighbors’. I felt very much same like the librarian who used to call on wrong numbers just to break his silence during weekdays. He talked people only to hear his own voice on weekends.

    The gaze through window during the peaks of loneliness helped me to come out of it.

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