Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Day Night Show

Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic

This movie can be remembered as an emotionally sweet movie. The movie had a lot of emotional pills with an impulsive start. As early as in the first scene Saif met the accident which orphaned four kids and changed Saif's life. Ranbir's (Saif) thesis of the story is the foundation for a happy end. As Ranbir had no friends, family since childhood, whomever he had loved was taken away ( from circumstances, not from God! God himself is portrayed as a common man living with his own set of expressions,in shape of Rishi Kapoor). that is why in the end an angel Gita ( Rani Mukherji) is gifted with tears and to live as a human after ranbir and kids started liking each other.

The animation of the movie was wonderful and sweet, indeed the YRF tie up with Disney is deploying that cutting edge. TPTM has some very good dialogues on civic sense and national integrity, like god gives minus points to those who makes their surrounding and cities untidy, a brief review by Saif on evolution of Sikhism or a sort of patriotic song in Rashtrapati Bhavan, which meant we have to build a nation while learning from our past.

A wonderful screenplay made light emotional scenes beatifully intense and there is a good amalgamation of emotion, delicacy, humor and magic. The background music is to be also credited for making TPTM memorable.

Saif as usual had been a style leader here also, with vest coats making ultimate style statements. Rani Mukherji's styling was bit orthodox from the latest collection of Nanny McAffe (but that's a part of story). With an emerging kids wear market in India;indeed TPTM has showcased a glimpse of global trends in this category.

Like " Jab We Met" TPTM could also be a high TRP affair after its TV release, and its music is alread rocking FM charts.

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