Sunday, June 08, 2008

Aren't you networking?

History of social networking sites date back to 1997 with However, the first networking site i ever used was Madiff qonnexions followed by zahoo 365. Initially, the networking sites didn't had that level of connectivity and popularity. They all failed perhaps because of stronger hold of online chat/messenger sites who had been in their prime those time. Then came Chirkut (a popular SNS, name changed ). The craze of chirkut stormed the youth of nation. the popular networking site has been based on simple format, least complicated interface and better user connectivity and a strong server with good quality donuts for us. It appeared as a strong platform for one's verbal creativity. Personally, i feel primitive SNS didn't understood the correct recipe to let oneself express interactively with that level of intensity. The verbalized performance of one's good friend inspired his/her circler's to give a better expressive version. Folks started listening with eyes on screens.

And now the popularity of Chirkut has given birth to many of the new social networking sites based in India. this has also lowered down popularity of messengers also! Surprisingly, chirkut is not the only site of medieval era of SNS evolution. there were many others like HiAll!, RaceBook, zahoo365 etc; which were introduced to net in between 2002 to 2004.

if we divide Social Networking Sites evolution in 3 phases, friendblaster, catchmates belong to early generations, chirkut evolution in medieval and SNS boom 2005 onwards as modern era. the modern phase even includes a networking site of a renowned Operating System provider! Does this means networking would be a commodity over the net? Till the time, we will have newer modifications and introduction, the commodity life cycle will be alived and networking business will boomed.

With leisure-hours getting lesser among our generation and realization of no-use virtuality; What is the future of probable SNS boom? whether these budding Desi/global dot com companies will be ever able to meet their bread-butter by online adds and hackers base. At present networking site has many things to offer dating, romance, music, videos, pictures, blogs, querries and answers, book reviews, interest communities etc.

what we will be able to share next? How long we will be entertained by sharing above.
Probably, future boredom of SNS will be overtaken by online games, which are old but renew-ably emerging on larger/stronger scales. Now we would have a next generation of online games, with a unanimous rating system for players. With a better user interface technologies online advertising is bound to be more interactive. Very soon we could have next door retail perishables advertised through net with innovations indeed.

Well! at present networking has allowed me to contact my lost friends, which i could have never been done without them. Even if they will be lowered down in their hits by nextgen onliners, the youth of today will never ever forget the good leisure time they had with SNS. especially, we feel more creative and expressive than ever! (genuine name, source:
Madiff qonnections, zahoo365,,, racebook, hiall!!!, friendblaster ...are fictious website names

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