Saturday, June 28, 2008

First Day Night Show

Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic

This movie can be remembered as an emotionally sweet movie. The movie had a lot of emotional pills with an impulsive start. As early as in the first scene Saif met the accident which orphaned four kids and changed Saif's life. Ranbir's (Saif) thesis of the story is the foundation for a happy end. As Ranbir had no friends, family since childhood, whomever he had loved was taken away ( from circumstances, not from God! God himself is portrayed as a common man living with his own set of expressions,in shape of Rishi Kapoor). that is why in the end an angel Gita ( Rani Mukherji) is gifted with tears and to live as a human after ranbir and kids started liking each other.

The animation of the movie was wonderful and sweet, indeed the YRF tie up with Disney is deploying that cutting edge. TPTM has some very good dialogues on civic sense and national integrity, like god gives minus points to those who makes their surrounding and cities untidy, a brief review by Saif on evolution of Sikhism or a sort of patriotic song in Rashtrapati Bhavan, which meant we have to build a nation while learning from our past.

A wonderful screenplay made light emotional scenes beatifully intense and there is a good amalgamation of emotion, delicacy, humor and magic. The background music is to be also credited for making TPTM memorable.

Saif as usual had been a style leader here also, with vest coats making ultimate style statements. Rani Mukherji's styling was bit orthodox from the latest collection of Nanny McAffe (but that's a part of story). With an emerging kids wear market in India;indeed TPTM has showcased a glimpse of global trends in this category.

Like " Jab We Met" TPTM could also be a high TRP affair after its TV release, and its music is alread rocking FM charts.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The WindoW

Once there had been a librarian, who used to call anyone, anonymously anyone on weekends; not to listen people talk, instead his own voice.

through The WindoW, one day I realized the loneliness created by me around myself.

the window which changed perspectives.

RukRuk popular than ShahRukh

There is no substitute for Shahrukh, but no doubt RukRuk is getting more popular than Shahrukh. Kya Aap Paanchvi fail Champu Hain is having a better promotion and better viewership. KAPFCH is a genuine copied version of Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas se Tej Hain. KAPFCH is a perfect blend of copy (inspiration) and creativity. In the TRP battle between Salman, Shahrukh, Shotgun and others Champu definitely leading. The viewer barometer of popular TV shows can be measured by the extent of people discussing something. Like this blog, discussing something watched on weekend TV. Some Logically convincing PJ questions from KAPFCH were really very creative. Like Agar Tulsi ka naam money plant hota to kya baa use accept karti? Or True/ False on Chandu ke Chacha ne chandu ki chacchi ko chandi ki katori mein chandi ke chammach se chatni chataye, Or the best one on Gabbar Singh was LKG passed as he knew counting till 3. Really Champu is as entertaining as Raju Shrivastava.

Also this weekend onwards Laughter challenge season 4 has begun, I think shotgun is not complementing Siddhu that well (as Shekhar Suman), hopefully Laughter Challenge –IV will continue as flag horse of comedy series despite below par first episode.


ManPreet S Gony will be the first Indian ever to feature as a star debutant, with an established fan base. All credits to DLF IPL. It took 5 ODIs for Dhoni to reach Vizag for a blasting 148 runs innings against Pakistan to reach stardom. No one knew Yuvi before his debut. Gautam Gambhir had no recognition despite of years of successful domestic seasons before Debut. However, Dhoni had recognition in east zone domestic cricket. But, Gony is now a recognized face on global level. Hopefully this could be a blasting debut for the matured youngster.

Very few of U-19 cricketers like Parthiv, Pathan were known faces but they never had that amount of stardom which now Gony carries due to IPL. Success of IPL is evident after seven days, business channels covering profit-loss accounts of franchisees, anyhow news channels managing to make IPL still into News, also proposed IPL challenger series confirmed in September, and discussions over successive IPL formats with anticipated buyout policies.

There is a lot to feature in Indian cricket. The cricket season has been a continuous process since India’s Ireland visit last year. Due to IPL there had been no break from cricket. But, fortunately there is a big pool of talents enabling a perpetual rotation schedules among players.

ManPreet Gony’s last time inclusion in squad is a good sign for Indian pace attack. Selectors now always will have a pool of ample options.


Aren't you networking?

History of social networking sites date back to 1997 with However, the first networking site i ever used was Madiff qonnexions followed by zahoo 365. Initially, the networking sites didn't had that level of connectivity and popularity. They all failed perhaps because of stronger hold of online chat/messenger sites who had been in their prime those time. Then came Chirkut (a popular SNS, name changed ). The craze of chirkut stormed the youth of nation. the popular networking site has been based on simple format, least complicated interface and better user connectivity and a strong server with good quality donuts for us. It appeared as a strong platform for one's verbal creativity. Personally, i feel primitive SNS didn't understood the correct recipe to let oneself express interactively with that level of intensity. The verbalized performance of one's good friend inspired his/her circler's to give a better expressive version. Folks started listening with eyes on screens.

And now the popularity of Chirkut has given birth to many of the new social networking sites based in India. this has also lowered down popularity of messengers also! Surprisingly, chirkut is not the only site of medieval era of SNS evolution. there were many others like HiAll!, RaceBook, zahoo365 etc; which were introduced to net in between 2002 to 2004.

if we divide Social Networking Sites evolution in 3 phases, friendblaster, catchmates belong to early generations, chirkut evolution in medieval and SNS boom 2005 onwards as modern era. the modern phase even includes a networking site of a renowned Operating System provider! Does this means networking would be a commodity over the net? Till the time, we will have newer modifications and introduction, the commodity life cycle will be alived and networking business will boomed.

With leisure-hours getting lesser among our generation and realization of no-use virtuality; What is the future of probable SNS boom? whether these budding Desi/global dot com companies will be ever able to meet their bread-butter by online adds and hackers base. At present networking site has many things to offer dating, romance, music, videos, pictures, blogs, querries and answers, book reviews, interest communities etc.

what we will be able to share next? How long we will be entertained by sharing above.
Probably, future boredom of SNS will be overtaken by online games, which are old but renew-ably emerging on larger/stronger scales. Now we would have a next generation of online games, with a unanimous rating system for players. With a better user interface technologies online advertising is bound to be more interactive. Very soon we could have next door retail perishables advertised through net with innovations indeed.

Well! at present networking has allowed me to contact my lost friends, which i could have never been done without them. Even if they will be lowered down in their hits by nextgen onliners, the youth of today will never ever forget the good leisure time they had with SNS. especially, we feel more creative and expressive than ever! (genuine name, source:
Madiff qonnections, zahoo365,,, racebook, hiall!!!, friendblaster ...are fictious website names

Monday, June 02, 2008


What a spectacular match this had been. Unlike two semi-finals the final of DLF IPL hadn't been a one sided affair. With a last ball victory Rajasthan Royals have proved they were unbeatable in their application and belief.

This had been a great clash between two cricketing brains, one youth other veteran. Both of them are deep thinkers. Really a high profile tournament must have a such nail biting finish. Unfortunately Dhoni ended on a loosing side, but he must carry forward this valuable capataincy experience to Indian national side also. he must have learned many good things in playing against the might of Warne. He must have been delighted on Yosuf's power shots for the collective Indian ambitions. Another good thing observed was a loosing side making huddle after match. This proves Dhoni is a man of novel ideas, this huddle must have reduced bit of the pain of being second instead of first.

Both the teams had good sense of team work and knowledge of corresponding responsibility domains. This application was little more in Royals, hence they won. Few mistakes out of nerves uncontrolled made Super Kings loose.

Throughout the tournament Royals played like Champions, and thus they are now. Now we will have main stream cricket storm coming next with Bangladesh Tri-series and Asia Cup coming next. Get geared guys very few months to perform for a better IPL auction value.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Misleading Electronic Media; Unfortunately Opinion Leaders in India

Recently there had been a discussion on a NEWS channel over the contents of daily soaps on entertainment channels. That was an appreciable broadcast for mass awareness/ realization. But, I doubt is there any platform where we have our word to demand NO NONSENCE from NEWS channels.

Be it democracy or strategies of marketing, opinion leaders are always the prime people to make things even. I.e. opinion leaders are those who drive their followers. In the battles of TRP among NEWS Channels, they are misleading themselves in their role of mass broadcasters. As a viewer I feel that we are not getting quality contents through our news channels, especially HINDI NEWS CHANNELS.

We are not properly updated about the latest developments in Politics and government policies. Monsoon is overhead but there is no proper update on its expected intensity and arrival. A common man is unaware of economic measures taken against rising inflation, what decisions RBI has taken is never ever bothered by NEWS Networks, Mr. PM recently had few abroad trips, no one has been informed when, whom, and whys of such visits. Why there are no discussions over foreign policies of our government. Why the NEWS Channels are as good as gossip shows on ZOOM TV. Can’t we have some dedicated page3 news channels covering all these? The intensity with which celebrities are covered by Newsmen, there is a marginal demarcation line between channels like zoom and ajtak.

When Sanjay Dutt was being transported to some jail in Pune from Mumbai, at the same time Dr. Manmohan Singh was visiting Mumbai only on a very important visit. This visit was somewhere shown in InfoBar and throughout the day Dutt’s pilgrim was covered LIVE. For past ten days Noida double murder case is running LIVE. The pressure from media only motivated Noida Police to solve issue in a wrong way. Because the case had been covered so intensely with information, misinformation and dramatization that Police took unwanted pressure to give instant results; and eventually they did blunders. And everything is being gossiped LIVE. If the media is really so active and concerned to let victims have the real justice, why not they are updating on Nithari’s accused. Their case is still open despite obvious speaking evidences. What is courts next date of their hearing? Who will inform us?

Why we can’t be served NEWS which should have useful use by society. Why we are made believed to bother about U-tube video stunts, rumors, superstitions, small town murders, any insane climbing electric tower and many other unwanted stuffs/ gossips. Today NEWS in India is obviously TRP driven not society driven. Even they are served as a medium to promote TRP of TV shows on entertainment channels.

Why NEWS channels are not ethically driven? Why Glamour, poor language, eye-catching captions in big fonts are overtaking essence of correct, comprehensive and useful NEWS? Why a 24 hour LIVE NEWS CHANNEL is inferior to 30 minutes bulletin of DoorDarshan.
It is an alarming situation for PrasarBharti to tighten its control over Indian News channels. The open discussion started by DoorDarshan on social responsibility of electronic media should be continued on a wider scale and the discussion must end up with democratically approved strict code of conducts. The government / PrasarBharti must take initiatives of rating NEWS Channels and appreciating them. PrasarBharti should have some rights to blacklist and impeaching unethical players also. Below are some points which can be considered while preparing formats of a comprehensive evaluative system:-

1. Role towards society ( education, creating awareness towards fundamental rights and duties)

2. Meeting coverage standards of different NEWS sources ( e.g. government, politics, economy, business, sports and ‘entertainment & lifestyle’) on the broadcast weight specified by evaluation council.

3. Negative marks on nonsense NEWS broadcasting.

4. Setting standards to broadcast programs beneficial for rural population.

5. Evaluation of InfoBar contents.

Nonsense contents broadcast through NEWS Channels is the major problem due to high end TRP battle which demands a channels administration to make people paused with surfing remotes. If I&B ministry and PrasarBharti will not take required measures, credibility of Indian Electronic media will be vanished on global scale. We must foresee to build global NEWS broadcasting platform like CNN or BBC with quality contents on AIR.


DLF IPL- Reforming Indian Cricket

It’s a historical Sunday today.

DLF IPL final between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals; and definitely cricket will win.

Possibly all viewership records till date for sports in India will be broken in a few hours time. DLF IPL had been a tremendous success and this legacy is all set to continue for years. IPL has definitely popularized domestic cricket. Cricket in India had been growing vertically, with a limited number of stars having FAN base and media coverage, whoever achieved stardom in international cricket. Before IPL domestic level cricketers hadn’t much recognition. Thanks to IPL that we can now identify and recognize more of our cricketers. IPL has hence popularized cricket horizontally. Now media will have a good interest in domestic tournaments, where our newly emerged IPL stars will be performing. Next sessions NKP SALVE Challenger trophy will be more exciting where the domestic stars will be divided in three teams. The four day tournament will definitely improve its viewership stats. Similarly DULEEP TROPHY could have better media coverage.

DLF IPL and SETMAX have done the groundwork to give media and our viewership recognition to a bunch of domestic lads. Now it is all up to BCCI and NEO (having TV rights of domestic BCCI matches) to carry forward and popularize other domestic tournaments. A Mumbaikars or a Delhites disappointment was much more intense due to failure of their favorite teams compared to pride moments of winning Ranji Trophy in last two sessions respectively. It’s all due to negligible coverage of domestic tournaments. If I had been CEO of any such sports channel, should have tried all tricks to let media talk about domestic matches intensively. Sarcastically, media has emerged as opinion leaders and makes people think in the way they want.

For the first time, today a domestic fixture with few foreigners is all set to beat viewership records of Indian ODI matches. For the first time a domestic tournament final has a sky high ticket rates, even at a neutral venue. DLF IPL had been an event which was watched throughout globe and is now regarded as a landmark success for popularization/penetration of cricket to newer markets.

“Awaiting winds of change with this first reformation closing today”

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