Friday, January 05, 2007

Spiritual bliss

This Blog is dedicated to year 2006 and I’m sharing my best experience of that particular year.

It was second degree Rei-Ki seminar at Alipore, Kolkata and the participants had a wonderful experience of “extensive breathing exercise”. We were asked to inhale deeply and exhale instantly so that it makes a noise from the nose and not to open our eyes once the exercise begins. This cycle of deep inhaling and rapid exhaling was to be repeated in quick successions. We were all instructed by Amar Sir (Rei-Ki grandmaster) through out the exercise. More to inhale and quicker to exhale; try it once!

I started feeling changes in my body. I felt like creating some sort of energy sphere around me. I being the source of this energy balloon created all around me. The soothing music with different notes and visualization of the ubiquitous divinity in our most preferred picture made me feel different things at one time. I was being acted by different forces over me, also my internal energy was at a stake of explosion. It was like an unstable equilibrium, the never ending exercise made me like a supernova yet to explode into the elemental most form of existence. I felt the flow of blood through my veins; I guess my body was swelled in first 10 minutes of the exercise. I felt if somehow I’ve patience, I can count all my cells. Every idle tissue was excited to extreme, they were all loosing and gaining energy at most, and continuous breathing served as a fuel for this phenomenon. Every thing was exited to the threshold of spiritual bliss. I discovered the existence of life that was well within me. And for the first time I was able to distinguish Me, My Body and Soul.

Soul is eternal, but like a software which have a significant value only when it has an Operating System to perform. Our body is that OS for soul. Soul and body are complementary.

But who was ‘me’ whom I discovered then?

ME is a remarkable development by actions of six senses, society and surroundings, perpetual humanity syndromes, time and many seen and unseen eternal phenomenon with the soul and body. Consider a pot, soul is the image that was transferred from his mind through hands to the wheel. The product out of clay, water, heat and processes is body. The decorations done on pot are external influences like society, peer parallaxes.

During those moments of spiritual bliss; I felt each of my cell acting as a membrane holding my soul to restrict it from getting away. Somehow if that limen is achieved, I believed the soul could be freed from that mesh of infinite cells. That would be a supernova of human universe. Later I came to discover that it is one of the several ways to do Samadhi. But for a first timer the limen of Samadhi can’t be achieved.

Samadhi is when ME vanishes to soul of salvation. Body is an ever changing medium of eternal journey of soul.

It was energy and energy everywhere, I felt cushioned with the awakening at the micro level. I was emitting light and energy, I was a universe where those cells rotated in their proximity by virtue of divinely influence. I touched my hair, with still my eyes closed; my fingers moved very slowly and I felt each of them individually. I felt the aura of my body. After 30-40 minutes from beginning the exercise was over, I opened my eyes and lied still for another 5-10 minutes before everything came to normal pace.

This experience was next to salvation which made me realize ‘the significance of my insignificance’.


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