Monday, January 22, 2007

राग दरबारी

It was Shivpalganj, from where the story begins and terminates. According to Vaidji(Ranganath's uncle) 3 pillars for rural development are Village school, Village Co-operative movement and the GramPanchayat, in the above sequence. The three pillars have been shifted, but the concept remains the same, the corruption. What I loved about this bestseller was its humor. It covered almost everything under the sun of 1960s. it had humorous references from mythology, history, current issues, science, English and Hindi literatures. PauloCoelho is as poetic and pictographic as ShriLalShukla. This work was awarded by Sahitya Academy in 1970.
Every character has its own characteristics in this work and simulation of ShrilalShukla of minute details to unpredicted characteristics was unbelievable. I was captured by this bestseller when it began with the description of “The Truck Journey”………mind blowing……. This has a brunch of great characters….its a multi-starer…

It covers the issues of 1960s, which had been very hot those times. If you have gone through my blog “Inclining Perspectives”, the significance of this work is realized. The history of that decade comes alive in this work. 1960s, a time when Saira Bano and Wahida Rehman ruled bollywood, a time when there was no term bollywood, a time when co-operative movement was at its peak, a time when freedom fighters existed, a time when recently Zamindari was abolished, a time when Fashion word has different perspectives, a time when agriculture was the primary factor of Indian economy, when it capitalism vs socialism, when it was congress and communist at parliament, it was dawn of green revolution, when there was no TV, …….
We have altogether different issues in 2007. About corruption someone said, Shivpalganj is everywhere in the country. Since 1968 to 2007 it existed within us, but changed form to support CharlesDarwin’s theory of evolution.


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