Sunday, July 16, 2006

my personal experience

MUMBAI after 7/11

Such a lovely place; defined by a versatile mumbaikar way of living. My two month stay to this metro is about to over, in between I experienced so many new things! Two of them I will never forget are unlimited rains and local trains. None of them stops when they get going.

“Insignificant contributions added together achieves a significant goal”

This is what I experienced in Mumbai, when we got a robust recovery from those massive blasts. I witnessed one of those blasts (Khar); the black smoke of that massive impact of sound was appalling. There were bodies dumped on both side of the track, I was in a harbor line local, when I heard explosion. Both trains stopped, I saw people running away from Virar Fast local, towards the east side. Even people in our local got consternate to get away from danger. It was a run for life situation, and none of us knew that it was one of 8 serial blasts. Next to do thing was to inform at home that I was safe and keep updating me till I reach back safe. That was a beginning of a long ordeal. Me and my friend decided to avoid local. We had to go Kharghar in Navi Mumbai; from Khar we took auto for Bandra to get BEST bus for Vashi. But, there had been a blast in Bandra too. There were police vehicles, fire brigades and ambulances in action. Station area was sealed and buses over crowded. We decided to get a cab for our destination. This was the slowest journey I ever had, vehicles were just rushing away for home. Because of police checking on eastern express highway, we got much delayed.

Another inconvenience in this ordeal was failure of network in our mobiles. I was not able to know even my account balance. Calls were not connected unless we tried numerously, once connected got disconnected while talking. Even messages were undelivered. And a top up to that, there were uninterrupted heavy rains to make slower taxi ride more boring.

When I reached home after 3 hours of taxi ride I was shocked to see the close images on TV. I saw people helping others and later I decided to donate blood to give my insignificant contribution for a significant cause of mankind.


extracted from my dear diary

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